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Go Kristyn Wong Tam and Keesmat!

Election day in Toronto – go Kristyn! Go Jennifer Keesmat! I know John Tory will be re-elected mayor, but I hope he gets the message that Toronto deserves far better than his cautious, please-everybody, let’s-not-rock-the-boat ways. We deserve better than someone who is merely a decent person, merely unlike his predecessor Rob Ford, whose brother is now doing his best to destroy our city.

Yesterday, one of the most exhausting days of my entire adult life. Morning, stuffing a turkey and getting it into the oven for our late Thanksgiving celebration, also Sam and Thomas’s birthday feast, and preparing the house for many guests. At 11.30, eight writers appeared at my door for the rehearsal for So True, and then at 1, all of us over to the Black Swan for the event. Because it was at a new time, the tech guy forgot and didn’t show up, so one man had to man the bar and do the lights and sound, until backup arrived. Despite this, it was one of the best yet – one fabulous, riveting story after another. And then mine.

Here’s what one participant sent yesterday: I thought yesterday was one of the strongest groups I’ve ever heard at a So True. I liked them all so much it’s hard to pick a favourite. It is a wonderful thing you do, giving us a venue to read our work.

And another: So happy to have been a part of So True again, Beth. It was, in my view, spectacular. I always feel so euphoric after having read. 

Straight back here afterwards to find everything happening – Sam had cooked all afternoon, the turkey was just coming out, Anna and family were here and the house was already being ripped apart by small boys, more guests arrived, wine and beer flowed, a ton of food was served and eaten, and the house cleared by about 10.30, with the fridge full of leftovers and most dishes done. It always feels like a marathon, a big family meal.

Today, vote, recuperate, and winterize with John – we put away the summer stuff. The cold is coming.

On Saturday, which was a beautiful day, after Wayson kindly drove me around to pick up a nearly 17 pound turkey and a large cake, I went to Theatre Passe-Muraille to see a good production of the absurd yet moving Krapp’s Last Tape. I try to see a Beckett play at least once a year; he’s good for the soul. I marvel always at how far ahead of his time he was.

Jean-Marc was just here; he’s talking about beginning our reno as soon as next week. I’m not ready! Even though what we’re doing is much more to my liking, still, I hate the thought of the disruption and mess. Definitely getting old and crabby.



2 Responses to “Go Kristyn Wong Tam and Keesmat!”

  1. Laurak62 says:

    So True was an amazing experience both as a participant and as an audience member. Thank you Beth!

  2. beth says:

    Laura, your piece was spectacular, as were the others. Thank you for joining us.

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