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today’s excitement

Guess what happened today? A new New Yorker arrived in my mail box! Also, I received a lot of emails, including many links to articles and funny memes and music and grotesque pictures of Trump. My friends know me well. Also IT STOPPED RAINING and I went for a jogette! 15 minutes around the ‘hood. And guess what else, there was a big raccoon lumbering around the yard at 4 p.m. He or she must be really hungry to be out foraging so early.

More excitement – the next 20 pages of valuable editorial comments arrived from Sam. Anna went to Costco for her family, her brother, and me; she had to line up to get in, to find – no tp, no paper towels, no chicken breasts, no bleach.

What more breathtaking events can I share with you? Yesterday there was rain till mid-afternoon and then the sun came out hot and bright, and the whole neighourhood, I swear, sprang outside for a walk. The air smelled delicious – warm and wet and springy, and I did a bit of pruning when I got home, so good to work in the garden. My friends Curtis and David arrived safely back from Mexico, straight into quarantine. I made a stir fry while listening to the fascinating, funny Masha Gessen on Eleanor Wachtel’s Writers and Company – highly recommended. And then I actually did the dishes! Had a long talk with both my children. 60 Minutes interviewed Brené Brown, who’s an interesting woman, and then, heaven, the new season of Call the Midwife began, one of the best shows ever that without fail makes me cry every single time. I stayed up till 11 to watch John Oliver, broadcasting from his house, as full of good sense and grit and humour as anyone on earth.

So life is full of thrills and pleasure. Yes, today was bleak the whole @#$# day, a pewter sky and drizzle, but it wasn’t cold. My daffodils and croci are almost ready to burst open. And I have a roof and a kitchen and a family, out there somewhere, staying strong. What more do we need? Well, a hug from someone, the touch of a hand, would be nice. Maybe in June. July?

As Ken texted today, “How much I took for granted!” I’m sure we can all say the same.

Here are yesterday’s shots:

I always walk in the Necropolis, amongst the old stones, which these days are filled with a chartreuse pollen that makes the usually hard to read wording stand out.

This tranquil spot is where we scattered my parents’ ashes and later Uncle Edgar’s as well. I visit them regularly and keep them up to date.

The entry to the Necropolis, with a notice about Covid that’s on fences and doors everywhere.

People are posting charming, encouraging pictures and sayings on lampposts and in windows. My neighbour’s kids have made a big colourful sign: WE CAN DO THIS! And we can.



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