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another day in paradise

I could not live here, I know that; it’s an island, and islands make me claustrophobic. There are too many trees, which make darkness and shade. But Gabriola is, no question, paradise. My hardworking creative friend has found the perfect place for himself and is relishing every moment. And what a treat it is to relish it with him.

We go from pleasure to pleasure – from sitting in the hot tub on his deck – at least once a day together, though he does so twice – to walking on deserted beaches or walking in fields or woods or meeting kindly people. People wave here, to cars, to passersby. Congenial, open-hearted, rustic. Beautiful.

Last night, the most heavenly event – a picnic in Drumbeg Park with two of my oldest friends, Patsy and Chris. The weather has turned, the days are hot, and last night was sublime. We drank Prosecco and ate and reminisced and laughed, while watching the eagles and turkey vultures soar and two seals, and later an otter, fish in the water. It could not have been nicer. (click to enlarge)

Today, another busy day – talking, eating, walking. A drive to town. A walk on a beach and later in the woods.

A man and his dog – Sandwell Park

Another crowded beach

Later, we went to visit friends of his, a gay couple who have bought seven acres and are building a dream home themselves, with the most spectacular view and off-grid, run by solar panels. They showed me where the wine cellar will be and the guest bedroom. “Let’s do a house exchange,” I said, and when Francois found out I lived in Cabbagetown, told me he used to live just around the corner. I hope they come to visit one day.

The view from their porch. Can you imagine?

Their living room. They’re going to plant an orchard and keep sheep. Now living in a trailer with their two whippets as they build. An amazing couple.

And then home to Violet Crescent to sit in the hot tub, drink wine, eat leftovers. Apparently we are going to meet Patsy this evening to watch the sunset over the water from the Surf Pub. Yes. Please.

I’ve been working and reading Middlemarch, also sublime. But mostly sitting outside listening to the birds and looking up at many 100 foot trees. Every muscle totally relaxed for once, this tense Toronto girl, listening to the wind in the branches. Thank you.



4 Responses to “another day in paradise”

  1. beth says:

    Nothing new for you, Theresa, trees and wind and birdsong. You need a hot tub!

  2. theresa says:

    Yes, we have one (a Softub) and it is deeply relaxing…

  3. beth says:

    You've never mentioned that, Theresa! Well then you are in paradise too. But then I knew that already.

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