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addictions of various kinds

You can tell when I’ve been spending too much time zipping from one site to the other, from Facebook to the NYT to Huffpost to Slate and around and around, when I come up with obscure old stuff like this – the Muppets, in a version of “Waiting for Godot.” God, I miss these guys.

Sesame Street – Monsterpiece Theater “Waiting for Elmo”

Sorry, you’ll have to copy and paste. It’s worth it.

Hours, days, entire LIFETIMES can be lost inside this machine. How to stop? I’ve read that it’s now considered an addiction – internet addiction. I’m not nearly as bad as some – I hardly check my phone when I’m out, for example – but I just love sitting here trolling around – always great stuff. Just watched Sacha Baron Cohen killing the presenter at the BAFTA Awards, forwarded by my son. His humour, definitely. But almost mine, too.

As usual, the New Yorker says it all.

Wait, I do get out sometimes. My Ryerson term ended yesterday, a wonderful group, generous, honest, brave. One wrote to us today: A big thank you to all of you. I signed up for a writing class but was rewarded with so much more. It was honour to sit in a classroom with you each Monday as memories and memoirs were shared. 

And another, A very enlightening and rewarding experience. For me too. And another, I have so many great memories of our time together and  I’ll never forget you. 

Some of a wild and crazy bunch – our farewell party yesterday

Thought I could get away without mentioning the obvious, but I can’t. The man appeared at City Hall today, apparently, with “Ford Nation” t-shirts and a bobble-headed Rob Ford doll, going on, yet again,  about “saving taxpayers money.” It’s obscene, appalling, and all of us stand out here with our jaws dropping while he gets away with it. Mind-boggling gall. Makes me so furious, I’ll just have to find some more funny stuff on the ‘net. But I’m not addicted, oh no. No rehab for me.  



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