My new book “Midlife Solo” is now available.

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people say the nicest things

I said I wouldn’t reprint compliments on the book any more, but please allow me a few more – they’re so beautiful. And this too shall pass, of course – the world moves on, and I’m left with lots of books wondering how to get them out into the world. In the meantime …

Oh Beth, this book is so marvelous. I just love it so much. I have only put it down when I really have to – like when I sleep and ugg have to work. You know, I have had the best two nights sleep I’ve had in a long time and I’m beginning to attribute it to the deeply personal, inner place of innocence and openness that ‘All Your Loving’ is taking me to. Your voice is like a buddy who allows me to feel like I’m ‘in on it’ with you in our own club – such a comforting feeling (although what you are going through is sometimes extremely uncomfortable) and that, through your bravery and intelligence, WE are going to get beyond this. 

I am now seeing the book as a terrific movie. 
The writing is crisp and clear, honest and incisive. I really appreciated the detail about life in the 1960s here in Canada and in New York. But the book was also revealing about France and how different it was to go to school in Paris. Very informative and a great analysis. Your family were true leaders in civil rights, as it was then called. I found it very interesting to have these vignettes from the near past and ponder the changes and developments since.
You are a talented writer and memoirist Beth and this is a lovely book.  And it left me wanting more!

After reading All My Loving twice, I feel I have got to know this 13 year old girl very well. Her angst, her confused emotions of hate and love, her sensitivity, her typical teenage self-centeredness, and of course her unfailing love for Paul are so well depicted, I could see the scenes as if they were unfolding on a big screen. (I think it would make a very good movie.) Oh I love Paul’s cute French accent too, and many other qualities I had not appreciated before! A la grande écrivaine, mes révérences. Vous souhaitant un succès éclatant.

I am both drawn to, and a little scared of your book, it draws me back to a time I rarely let myself think about, as it was so wonderful and ended so abruptly with the passing of my youth and my last parent. I tried so hard to find that happiness in a family as an adult, and eventually I realized that it was not meant for me; there was other warmth from the winds of the future.  

This last from one of my oldest friends, a businessman. All my friends should be writers! 

And about the launch:

Such a wonderful evening Beth! Great nibbles, great people … and lots of people I hadn’t seen for so long. Congratulations. As we say down home: “Ya done grand, dear, right grand.”

Congratulations on a great night at the Gest Beth. Very impressive presentation. I loved your readings and your talk. You’re very good. You should be on the CBC. I hope you sold a lot of books. Your son and daughter are most impressive in all ways. I love to watch loving accepting families in action. And that grandson….. holy moly he has a lot of curly hair!
You were glorious, as were all your friends and kids.  You have managed to surround yourself with a marvelous array of lovely and caring humans.  
That’s for sure. And they all write lovely, caring emails in beautiful prose. Thank you, thank you. 



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