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Hanging on in the eye of a hurricane right now – Anna and her boys are living here temporarily while things sort themselves out, or not, in her life. It’s complicated and difficult. They arrived

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reflections on celebrating Canada Day this year

A sublimely peaceful Saturday, thank you lord. Anna, Holly, and the boys are at a cottage near Peterborough, kayaking, splashing, romping. I do not have a second infection and am feeling a bit better each

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crisis passes, Moderna hooray!

Just so you know – yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. Hold on, I’m a creature given to melodrama; maybe I’ll just say it was pretty dreadful. There was a family

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Canadian wildlife

My day is on hold: a baby skunk has fallen into the steep window well at the front of the house, so I’m waiting for animal services to call and then come. Isn’t life always

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Gunda, the loving mother pig

I have to note that when old friend Lynn and I used to get together, we’d discuss politics, the world, our travels, our interesting, busy, varied lives. A few days ago, as we sat drinking,

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pep talk to self

Not much to tell you except that I’m not well yet. My old friend Lynn, not the French Lynn, the Toronto Lynn, came over and told me I have to advocate more aggressively for my

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Paul McCartney turns 79 and I care

 Nothing much to say on this wet Friday except HAPPY 79th BIRTHDAY MACCA! I will put on CDs or records and celebrate you, while I also celebrate the return of my poor body that’s struggling

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“Cheese: a love story”

Weather still utter perfection, we’re so lucky. I’m on the deck as the trees rustle, should be launching my second class of the day right now, the fourth of the week, but the home class

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out and about and celebrating a son

Great excitement today – a trip across town! It feels like I haven’t been out in months, so an Uber to my doctor’s office on the west side was thrilling. The city looks battered but

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