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Snowing outside – how glad I am to be teaching on Zoom today. Once, when teaching at U of T at night, I took the streetcar in the dark in a fierce blizzard, climbing over snowbanks, expecting there to be no students in class, to find the room full, even the woman who’d driven in from Markham. Canadians are a hardy folk. I had a dream last night that I forgot a Zoom class, left a lot of students waiting for hours in their little boxes. Used to be theatre nightmares – couldn’t find my costume, forgot my lines. Now – Zoom nightmares. 

John came over the other day; what would I do without him? I could not survive. He not only fixes and installs everything, he buys it all first, including the heavy bags of birdseed I go through. This time he checked the bicycle I bought at Doubletake for $60; the front wheel needs to be “trued,” so he took the wheel home to true it. Love that verb. He installed a new showerhead, and then he assembled a very complicated piece of equipment…

and now my TV is hanging on the wall.  

Dealing with technology makes me tear my hair out. I tried moving furniture around b/c of the TV and somehow screwed up the cable and Netflix, requiring much crawling on the floor fiddling with cables. I’d also upgraded my computer system to Big Sur, evoking images of carefree surfing, instead finding that various things no longer, infuriatingly, worked. Last night I called AppleCare and the woman was so incompetent I gave up. She told me her computer was very slow because there was a storm in Florida. I thought, you’re working for APPLE? I’ll try again sometime. 

I know, petty petty. But these days, technology is all we have to connect us to the planet, everything coming to us through the screens, so glitches affect us much more than before.

I’ve been watching Scorsese’s “Pretend It’s a City” with Fran Lebowitz. She is hilarious, so dry and crabby, so very New York. I love it. 

Very pretty out there. Must fill the bird feeder – the cardinals will be waiting. Then eat lunch and get ready for my class with its far-flung students. And then a CNFC board meeting. A busy day.




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