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celebrating Canada once again

I should have known not to encourage you lot – my friend Carol today sent me a poem, set to the music of “We love you, Beatles,” about chatting with her vagina. LOL. So then, for the edification of my FB friends, I shared this wonderful picture of a time when men were men.

They just don’t make ’em like they used to. Just look at those beefy thighs and FINE ties. (Incidentally, these luscious dudes with rad fashion sense are from Australia.)

A gorgeous day here, perfect. The good news is – after testing at Mt. Sinai this morning – I do not so far have glaucoma. My father and grandmother did, so I need to be tested regularly; thank you Tommy Douglas. The back on the other hand is still crapola. I had to take two extra-strength Tylenol to get to sleep last night. Pain is tiring, draining, tedious, and I just cannot understand why it’s there. But this too shall pass.

A lovely thing: this evening my old friend Angus, who lived on the top floor for two years before the fire, 2003-2005, is visiting from Vancouver and came for dinner. After, we went for a walk in the ‘hood, and I took him down to Regent Park, which he had not seen in its renovated state. It turned out to be a big night on the common – they show movies Wednesdays at dusk, so there was a big portable screen and many gathered on blankets in front, but also people were roasting corn to sell, selling other kinds of food, music playing, people eating, talking in big crowds and small groups, children running everywhere, the playground jammed – the whole big green space was packed. And of course need I say, almost every one of those celebrants was a new immigrant to Canada, most of the women swathed in many layers of colourful cloth. There was a gang of boys, 16-year old Somalis, just the kind of young men who are getting into gun trouble in the nether reaches of the city. But here, they were in a clump with their parents, grandparents, and siblings nearby, surrounded by community.

It was a glorious scene, a tribute to what’s best about our fine nation.

I also had the best news about a young friend with cystic fibrosis who is on an experimental drug trial which has had a miraculous effect – his lung capacity improved hugely almost overnight. It’s fantastic news. Science! Making miracles.



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