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report from the front lines

Am still so sick today, I called my doctor, who’s still my doctor until March, and tonight she called back. Here’s something perhaps you didn’t know — Paxlovid gives you “rebound symptoms,” where Covid symptoms have a resurgence. Well, isn’t that a treat! I was wondering about pneumonia, but she said everything I was telling her – coughing, no energy, bad stomach, weak lungs – are resurgence. 

Good to know. Time, she said. Rest and hydration. Okeley dokeley. Am beyond impatient to get my life back, but this thing has other plans. Still, I can read, write, watch Netflix – everything that matters, except getting outside and moving my body.

In the meantime, I may have found a new doctor. Thanks to Toronto Lynn who sent out a call for suggestions, I have an appointment with a young doctor setting up a new practice in March to see if there’s a fit. A huge relief, if so. I did tell my current doctor that being dumped two days before Christmas from the clinic I’ve been part of since 1988 made me cry. She was apologetic, but “it had to be done.”


On a more important note, I have a pussycat. After years with an old lady in a small retirement apartment, she’s adapting wonderfully to this big house with so very much to sniff and look at. She already winds around my ankles and Robin’s too, and is relaxed and interested in everything. I’m so happy to have a cat again, and such a pretty one too.

This is what my daughter had to go through to get her here: Uber or transit with her boys to the island airport car rental, the only one open on New Year’s Day. Rent a car and drive it onto the ferry to the mainland, a huge thrill for Ben who loves all vehicles. Drive over an hour to Waterloo. Have lunch, find the place, meet the people, pick up the cat and her many possessions, stuff her in a carrier. She yowled all the way home; Anna said they tried to figure out what she was telling them.

Drop the boys off at home with Thomas. Drive across town, unload everything, try not to catch Covid from her mother who forgot to put on her mask, and go to pick up friends and do a million other things possible with a car. Today they gave her the car for another day free, so she went to Costco. This family knows how to have a good time. 

Very grateful to my girl for going above and beyond. Have to say – I wouldn’t have done all that for her. But then, she loves driving and I hate it.

Skyped with Lynn in France for an hour and a half. She’s a phenomenon, picking up speed as she gets older, amazing. 

Meet Tiggy. Her name was Twiggy, but that name has negative connotations for me, stick-thin model and all. So, Tiggy. Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, if you’re feeling formal. She’d love to meet you. Or, if you’re a bird or squirrel, to eat you.



2 Responses to “report from the front lines”

  1. Anonymous says:

    She's lovely – lucky you, lucky her!

  2. Trevor says:

    Was from me – love her tail 🙂

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