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the nightmare is ending

11 a.m. Who knew that one day the whole world would be watching Pennsylvania? Breath held. Go Scranton!

Anna just texted, it’s over. One panel has declared a Biden victory. CNN, the NYT and the Wapo haven’t yet. But it’s clear – it’s President Biden. And it’s also clear we’re going to have to watch a tantrum to beat all tantrums. 

I have things to do on this glorious sunny day, but can’t until it’s final, until it’s declared officially. The nightmare isn’t over; he’s still there, he’s still got months to make trouble, his vile enablers are still very much in evidence. 

But basic human decency won. Biden is no dream candidate; he’s dull, he debates badly, he’s from the right wing of the party. But he’s a decent man and has been his whole life, we know that from how he has lived and who he is now. An almost unimaginable difference from the person now in the office.

Almost. But not quite. Let’s imagine, folks. 

PS 1 p.m. on this glorious day with hot sun shining: Anna has just written that she wants to get the paperwork in order in case her father and his family need to fly from their home in Washington DC to Canada quickly. That’s my girl – looking ahead, being realistic, taking care of her loved ones. Let’s hope this level of care is not necessary, however.

Time to go kick some leaves. The Prosecco is back in the fridge. I took it out and put it away Tuesday night while cursing humanity. But now there’s light and warmth and hope; there will be celebrating. Just saw a video of people dancing wildly in the streets of Philadelphia. I want to dance too. A filthy suffocating black cloud is lifting from our planet.



4 Responses to “the nightmare is ending”

  1. Not true. Biden is a seasoned professional with a 40 year career span in politics. He's a senator. He was Vice-President to Barack Obama. He's also a conciliator who can get things done across the aisle.

    In his private life he's overcome the most painful tragedies. He's everything Trump isn't. (he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth). The Biden-Harris ticket will be a good one.

  2. beth says:

    Oh yes, I agree with you Juliet. I'm just also affected by my daughter, from the far left of the party, who feels he's feeble and wishy-washy. But that's how middle America is won.

  3. Just out of curiosity, is your daughter a Bernie Sanders fan then? (I love Bernie, but he's way too left for Americans.)

  4. beth says:

    Oh totally, Anna is for Bernie all the way, and AOC and her posse. She thinks the Dems are far too conservative, and that choosing a centrist candidate who didn't inspire is their problem. However, I think many of us realize that a centrist candidate is the only person who could win both New York and Georgia!

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