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Julien Blanc. illiterate jerk

Much fuss about some guy called Julien Blanc – there’s a petition circulating to keep him out of  Canada, so I decided to go on-line to find out who he is. What I found on his website PIMP is mind-boggling, grotesque, appalling. He is out to teach men clever tricks about how to get women to sleep with them: “hot-searing coal attraction,” “panty-dropping masculinity” and “last dick standing.”

I am not “self-amused.” Hard to believe anyone has ever taken him seriously enough to write a petition about. And yet …


Inner Game
Finally Debunking the Myth of what “Being a Sex-Worthy Guy” is, the Inner Game section of PIMP, will LOGICALLY explain to you how to reach The Vibe of “THAT guy” who girls respond to, every single time you go out, and how to STIMULATE HER EMOTIONALLY,making you IRRESISTABLE to her:
  • + The Four Pillars of a Sex-Worthy Guy: This module alone will boost you Game alone to ridiculous levels of efficiency. You will learn how to calibrate every single one of the FourPillars to adjust and have a hot-searing coal attraction from the girl EFFORTLESSLY, you’ll learn to be:
    • Purposeful
    • Controlled
    • Flowing
    • Self-Amused
  • How to Suck Girls Into Your Sex-Worthy Reality. It’s one thing to be Sex-Worthy and that magnetic, but the key is in making the girl relate to you. You will need the finesse to ease her into it. And I show you exactly how
  • THE ONLY REASON You’ll ever need to Make Yourself Feel Good All The Time. Once you understand this concept (and I break it down so damn well), you will awaken endless positive emotions in the girl
  • My INFALLIBLE Method To Hit State. I call it The Four Mantras, and it’s literally the FASTEST way to get “in the zone” where everything that comes out of your mouth is PURE GOLD. None of my clients have experienced Approach Anxiety since teaching them this method
  • A Cheat Sheet To Maximize Your Chances To Pull Every Night. I call it Tempo of the Night, and it will give you the best strategies to end up with a girl at the end of the night, depending on where her emotions are, and I reveal the techniques that her NEED TO BE FUCKED, or if she needs you to pump her up like I’ll show you inside the course
  • EXTRA SECTION: I’ll teach you the “Last Dick Standing” strategy to have sex with a girl after every other guy attempted to, but failed. And this is the reason why



2 Responses to “Julien Blanc. illiterate jerk”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes it's true – he IS aiming to come to Canada. We must stop this. Lani

  2. beth says:

    Incredible that in this day and age, he has flourished with this #$ – and has associates too. Australia is keeping him out. We'll watch what happens here – I doubt he'll come, especially in the current atmosphere. Jian has done us the favour of bringing this stuff to the forefront.

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