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Dear writers, my Ryerson class True to Life starts next Monday at 6.30 and is a go, filling up quickly. It runs to November 16. Ryerson is now running a Writing Certificate program; if you take a certain number of required courses, you earn the certificate.

The U of T class, Life Stories I, starts Tuesday October 6; it’s a day class, from 12.30 to 3, until November 24. U of T, which has recently been voted one of the top 25 universities in the world, already has a certificate program. You don’t need a certificate to become a good writer, but it’s fun to have a goal and a piece of paper.

Officially I start teaching tomorrow night in my home class, and have been editing privately all summer. But mostly I’ve been working at my other work – writing. It really is true that for free-lancers, work is always, but mostly in your own time. Ideal, as far as I’m concerned.

Today Bruce, the cable engineer from Bell, came by one last time to seal the deal – they are going to bury the hideous tangle of cables that runs through my back yard and my neighbour’s. He’s efficient and courteous and a very nice guy; I am now a huge fan of Bell. Cineplex, on the other hand, has not responded to my request for a refund, though I detailed how I was charged twice for a movie, paying over $80 for 3 of us to see Minions. Good guys/bad guys. But always first world problems.

Speaking of being spoiled in the first world department, yesterday I went bra shopping. The array in my top drawer was simply unsatisfactory, and my fashionista friend Debra said the Bay was the place to go. The store on Queen is being renovated, a huge mess, and by the time I got to the 6th floor and saw the vast array of feminine accoutrements, I was ready to turn around and go home. However, luckily I did not because a treat was in store: Maggie. Maggie is a diminutive Swiss woman who understands the female form. It took awhile – she was dealing with a complicated female form – but in the end, I left with not one but three new bras that are comfortable and fit perfectly. I wrote to the company to praise her and am now sending every woman I know to Maggie. She is at the Bay on Queen from Monday to Thursday. Tell her Beth sent you.



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