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I’m getting warm

I just turned the furnace on. Yes, it’s early. But though the days are sunny – at least, they are now, we had a few dark, rainy ones last week – the evenings are chilly,

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joy in the mail

Got a letter yesterday from my two favourite young men, now in Nova Scotia. They like their cottage, have visited Pictou and Truro, been bowling and swimming, and Eli has driven Ryan’s lawnmower. It’s signed,

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Election relief, and the beauty of Monet

Yes, this too-early election was a waste of time and money. However, it might have gone differently had the French debate not provoked the Quebec electorate to rally to the Bloc in such numbers; Justin

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dealing with the crazies

Another day so beautiful that I had to go for a walk; the soft air felt like silk, caressing my arms. Soon, rain and colder. But how we’ve enjoyed these heavenly days. So this morning

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one of my favourite writers gets in touch

This is a cup runneth over kind of night. As I’ve probably bored you by saying, the weather has been sublime, perfect, sunny but not too hot and the evenings brisk. A gift. The garden

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the beauty of the fall

It’s a stunning day, has been stunning all week but today is prime – very hot. It’s so much more delicious when we know it won’t last, impossible to stay inside and work when it’s

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the joy of praise, and arguing about letters

What a welcome surprise! I was reading Theresa Kishkan’s blog to the left of mine, as I always do with the greatest pleasure – she’s an exquisite writer whose evocative language and thoughtful attention to

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autumn anxiety chronicle

I should have been in NYC on the weekend, celebrating Cousin Ted’s 80th birthday. Instead, let’s admire this photo of his Versailles-like birthday cake, meant to celebrate his country garden:  It turns out, autumn anxiety

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in which Beth feels sorry for herself

It’s early morning, I was up at 6.45, and I’m going to complain today, for no reason other than sometimes I need to mewl. Sometimes life feels overwhelming. There’s the stuff going on out there

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Brava Leyla Fernandez!

First, a reader sent nice words about the memoir. I had a chance to read Loose Woman via the Toronto Public on ebook – and would like to buy a copy, please. I really enjoyed the book.

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