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Here comes the sun! Get On Your Knees.

Despite the dire state of the world, I’m flooded with good feelings today – because sunlight. Hot sun, on my face right now, what a difference it makes.

Incredible amounts of rain out west, in Nova Scotia a crippling snowstorm, and here, sunshine. No roses yet, but spring flowers are confused by the temperate climate. As are we.

My friend Juliet in Paris rails against social media, and I understand, it’s dangerously invasive, especially for the young. But as I’ve said before, it’s one of my great pleasures. Confession: I ditched Twitter and regretted it, am back on. My young tech helper pointed out there are two settings, For You and Following, and obviously, when the garbage started pouring in, it must have been switched, somehow, to For You, and Elon Musk decided that crap is what I wanted to see. Now I’m set on Following, which means I only see, more or less, what I want to see, and am following some interesting, thought-provoking artists, pundits, newspapers, and magazines.

But it’s FB I enjoy most — seeing what friends from high school had for lunch, what their grandchildren look like, etc. I do not so much enjoy what their Wordle scores were today, which so many post, but then when I’ve had the occasional 2 I’ve wanted to share it as well. But now, for example, we’ve been enjoined to share pictures of ourselves at age 21. Why, who knows, but there they are, my very young and lovely friends as I knew them then. I posted this, of my 21st birthday party in my parents’ backyard, wearing a stained beige silk flapper dress from Portobello Road. My mother served her fabulous cheesecake, and as the party wound down, I snuck into the kitchen and devoured chunks of the leftover cheesecake from people’s plates. So, not as serene as the photo portrays, not by a long shot. It’ll only take fifty years, but she’ll get to serene, kind of.

The other day I was out front sweeping away the wood chips from the downed tree when a Muslim woman about my age walked by with her grocery cart. And then she stopped and turned to me with tears in her eyes. Her English was not good, but I understood that I looked like her mother, who died in 2005. She threw her arms around me as she wept, and we hugged. I told her my mother died in 2012. I didn’t say that my relationship with my mum was perhaps a bit more conflicted than hers. As anyone who has read my memoirs, and particularly Midlife Solo, can ascertain.

Last night, I watched Jacqueline Novak’s Get On Your Knees, described as a comedy about blowjobs, which it is, and much more. She gets annoying, in constant motion with a screechy voice, but is very clever, obviously well-educated, quoting poetry and philosophy and using many metaphors. Her main point, how women kowtow to men, that men are in fact far more fragile than women, is important.  May many young women watch it. Much to think about.

I hope there is sun chez vous, my friends, and that your batteries are being charged as mine are, on this beautiful day. Here, below, is the story of my life. Cheers. Be well.



4 Responses to “Here comes the sun! Get On Your Knees.”

  1. Mita says:

    Hi Beth, I can relate, I also deleted Twitter and now I’m back on. Why let Elon Musk ruin my fun? 🙂
    I also enjoy social media – seeing what friends are up to, and it has given me countless ideas for dance and comedy. I just have to be aware if I’m checking it too much or counting the “likes” or being upset if I don’t get the reaction that I want.
    That’s a gorgeous pic of you at 21!

  2. Beth Kaplan says:

    Thank you, Mita. Yes, we have to monitor our use of the sites, make sure we’re using them, not they’re using us. But they do offer unparalleled opportunities for connection. Moderation – that’s the key to successful deployment of many things, including wine, and now social media too.

  3. Theresa says:

    What a lovely photograph, Beth. That soft young woman with her whole life ahead. I hope you’ve kept the silk flapper dress!

  4. Beth Kaplan says:

    The dress is long gone, Theresa, it fell to bits and didn’t suit me anyway. But wearing it for such an auspicious occasion shows the start of my lifelong commitment to thrifted clothing.

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