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Heaven is this little machine in my lap, purring like a pussycat. For a mere $533 (!), my computer is fixed. Jeff from RiverdaleMac called at 5.20 this evening to give me the good news. They close at 6, so I changed out of my at-home-schlepping clothes, leapt on my bike, peddled furiously uphill to the Danforth, and reclaimed my treasure. I knew I was addicted, did not realize how much. Yes, it’s a true addiction. Wine, sunlight, words on paper, this machine, and peanut butter – some of the things I cannot live without.

So, just to recap, because I’d wanted to share a few pix from the cottage and could not – here they are. (click to enlarge)

My fine hostess – dinner on the deck. The food was so good, I gained 2 pounds.

MANY sunset shots, so just chose one. This is from their “beach.”

Ruth’s son John and his partner Rob with their adorable baby Rhoda, aged 3 months, who was thrilled with every single thing – an acorn! a hat! some sandals to chew!!!! – and brought us all much joy.

 Off on a hike around the island, following the indefatigable leader, who recently turned 80. Inspirational in every way.

That’s the cottage. So very beautiful, calm, restful for the soul. And because located on a breezy “point” – almost no mosquitos or bugs.

I was sorry to leave but also anxious to get home to fix my computer. I used not to understand cottage people who load up the car, sit in ghastly traffic for hours on the weekend, get to the cottage, unload, try to relax, load up the car and drive in ghastly traffic home. But Ruth stays for weeks at a time; her cottage has high-speed wifi, Netflix, tons of books and magazines, and a clear, quiet lake. I felt ten years younger when I got back.

Both Carol and the recently evicted Karen had kept the house company; Karen stayed one more night. JM and I are still trying to help her find a decent place to live. Her situation is horrendous.

This greeted me – the clematis and the astilbe have gone mad, and the roses are as lovely as ever.

Immediately, of course, there was the computer to deal with, letters to write for Karen, much email to tend to on my phone, garden, groceries, kids. Students, editing clients, friends, tenants. Last night, a wonderful evening – last year’s CNFC conference committee, minus only Pam, came for dinner on the deck.

Yours truly smiling once again around food, wine, good company, greenery. Dear Cathy, now the CNFC President and living near Kingston, stayed the night; much much talk. What a story she has.

Friend Gretchen called today; her husband Jack, who has been battling cancer, died a few days ago, and today, her daughter is having a c-section to deliver her second baby. So much to deal with at once. But what a blessing this baby will be.

And my beloved Lynn turned 70; tomorrow is her birthday party at their home in Provence, with an estimated 65 people; 40, she wrote, for breakfast on Sunday. I cannot believe that beautiful, hilarious young woman whom I met in 1967 is now 70. Which means I’m not far behind. As some writer once wrote, “How is it possible that I feel 17 and am actually 81?”

The birds are noisy tonight. It was cooler today, a perfect summer day. My raspberries are ripening and the cukes are on their way. I can access my manuscript! Federer beat Rafa at Wimbledon and will battle Novak on Sunday, once more; how I wish my mother and aunt were around to discuss this. They would have devoured every moment.

I’m online, folks. The fingers are home again.



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