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So True Sunday Nov. 24

Will post this a few more times before the day. We’ve got a fabulous lineup for you, folks — hope to see you in the audience. Be there or be square.

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fall forward

Aching left shoulder – got my flu shot today, the booster for old folks. A demographic which somehow, for some bizarre reason, includes me. Sunday, walked across town – an hour – to Christie and

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Wayson’s memorial

Drained tonight. Today was Wayson’s memorial event at Harbourfront. There was a lot of laughter, of course, and many tears. I still find it hard to believe he’s not here; that he doesn’t want to

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pleasure and colour

These fall days – with sun and wind and whirling orange, red, and yellow leaves showering down – are the best of the year. This must be why older people are the happiest: because we

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a stress zombie

One of those days – a beautiful crisp bright day, too – when I’m screaming with frustration. Haven’t felt this knot of tension in my stomach since the renovation last winter, which makes sense because

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win some/lose some

I’m sorry my daughter is sad and angry today. She’s fiercely idealistic, a social justice warrior whose friend from grade school was running for the NDP in her riding; she worked hard for his campaign.

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we’ll be fine, she said with fingers crossed

Thank you Jesus, it’s nearly over. I am trying desperately to have faith in my fellow Canadians, even though they elected Stephen Harper twice and even worse, Mike Harris and Doug Ford. YUCK! Listened to

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the Balenciaga ballgown

Just back from the market – the last raspberries, tons of apples, multi-coloured cauliflower, sourdough raison oat bread, freshly roasted almonds, Merchants of Green Coffee beans, spinach – my backpack full. (No meat – I’m

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frazzled and fried: election overkill

Please God, let this election be over. No matter the outcome, I’m determined that on Tuesday morning, I will go on a strict media diet, restricting the FB and Twitter calories I’ve been gorging on

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holiday blessings, and Nuala

A silent Thanksgiving day – nothing open in the city, nothing scheduled here. What a gift. I was sitting on the deck in the sun reading Nuala O’Faolain’s Are You Somebody?: the accidental memoir of

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