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Sink the orange blowhole!

Well, what is there to say except WOO HOO? Justice was done. A criminal was convicted. What was disturbing was the footage of his followers, frantically parroting the old line: persecution Biden’s fault political prisoner etc. etc. I read somewhere that people used to uncover facts and then form opinions; now they form opinions and seek out “facts” to justify them.

This man, whom all thinking people once dismissed as a joke, is a monster who’s loomed over our world and unleashed a cavalcade of pure evil. Grotesque and terrifying. May he and all the Fox News type people, including Rupert Murdoch, rot in hell. But justice was done. Let the memes begin!

Much gardening, pruning, planting yesterday. The first fully open rose. Welcome, beauty. Soon to be joined by many of your kin.

People have been writing nice things. A friend wrote to let me know that TWO of my books are on the Recommended Reading list of the Creative Nonfiction Collective; they have a memoir webinar once a month to discuss nonfiction books people have enjoyed, and Midlife Solo and Loose Woman were there, along with bestselling memoirs by Cheryl Strayed, Mary Karr, and Salman Rushdie, among others. Not sure how I snuck in there, but I’m honoured.

An American reader wrote, “i resonate with a lot of your story and appreciate your sensibilities, your kindness and really, your mental healthiness at this point. your life has been amazing and that you came thru as you describe is thrilling. we have to go through a lot to become able to observe ourselves with detachment. it has (indeed) been a long strange trip … my favorite was paul too.”

Love that: mental healthiness. A lifetime struggle, for sure.

Another reader wrote, “I just finished reading Fire. What a great piece! Beautifully written! It’s so full of shocks and so full of deeply touching moments. You captured and conveyed the whole event so completely that I must have been there. Honestly, the story is packed with so many elements, I am amazed at how you covered so much in such a short story. And it all fits together seamlessly to the end.”

Thank you readers. Okay, enough for today, my head is swelling, and there are chores to do.

In case we feel too happy about the world today … my daughter is out there, fighting the good fight.



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