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the renovation blues

So okay, it was a nice idea while it lasted, my renovation plan to create an apartment upstairs in my house. As I’ve said, John has already punched holes in the walls and ceilings, locating

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Oh Rogers, my internet provider, for this I pay you hundreds a month? Last night, Jean-Marc and Richard were due to come over to watch the final episode of “Victoria” – not a great series

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the love of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

I don’t watch the winter Olympics – or much of the summer ones either, for that matter. Not out of any ethical objection, it’s great that there are magnificent young people out there making magnificent

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Mr. Smith goes to Washington

Rode my bike to the Y this morning for the first time in at least a month; it was cold but bearable. People are talking hopefully about spring. Fools! How long have you lived in

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So True coming up: Sunday March 4

Update Preferences     Unsubscribe     Questions/Feedback February 18, 2018 Put it out there. “When you are offered the chance to read your work to an audience, say ‘yes.’ Do it even if you feel anxious

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Nothing more to be said. Just mourning. I heard the mother of a dead child on the radio and burst into tears. What insanity leads a country to allow the murder, the slaughter of its

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It was so mild today, my friend Ken asked, “Is winter over?” Ha! NOT. But still, today was like spring, only with lots of filthy melting snow. Loud noises in my house – icicles falling

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“Conversations with Friends” by Sally Rooney

For us singletons, Valentine’s Day is a non-event, except that at the Y today, Carole was giving out pink chocolate kisses, and my friend Sylvie had a beautiful little heart-covered box for me, with homemade

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Eric Clapton

I just happened to check the Olympic medals total – and though I do not care much about the winter Olympics and have seen little of it, still, my jaw dropped: Germany first, Norway second,

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snowed in

Snow and snow and snow and snow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day … Sigh. We are snowed in here, more than a foot since yesterday, and it’s still coming down. Luckily,

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