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the joy of travel (?)

You’d think, by the time a person turns 73, they know a lot about how to live. At least, I think so. And yet, I’ve made a few monumental mistakes in the past few years.

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Packing, Potter, pussycats

It’s always like this the week before departure on an extended trip — frantic. The guest room bed is covered with possible clothing choices. All is complicated because the suitcase is VERY SMALL and the

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looking back, looking way back

Gifts. An envelope arrived that made my heart skip; it contained a contact sheet of resumé shots of my beloved friend Patsy, who had ALS and died by MAID a few years ago. The photographer

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The Nature of Love

Amazing! I did my DNA some years ago, to no surprise, well, one small one — 50% Ashkenazi Jewish, 42% British Isles, 2% Northern Germany and 6% Norwegian — that’s the surprise. Oh those rapacious

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Ben and Dante and Maria Ressa

First day of spring – and it’s snowing for the first time in months! Nature is confused. Most importantly, my younger grandson Ben. Last summer the boys were part of a free Blue Jays sports

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The Supreme Life of Rosalie Abella

Just have to rhapsodize — what an incredible day we’ve had, a sunny 20 degrees on March 13 — so very wrong, and yet what pleasure it gives. Sam came over and we worked in

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Huckster PP sells Canadians on Fantasyland

Aren’t we lucky, Canadians? Pierre Poilievre has figured out a way to turn Canada into paradise, his kind of paradise. Here’s the Star report of a recent speech he gave here in Toronto: “Towards the

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Generous words about the book

Monday, it was 16 degrees in Toronto. On March 4! Talk about “in like a lamb.” Crazy Canucks were out in tank tops and shorts. Nature is confused; flowers and buds are appearing, many weeks

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Midlife Solo audiobook recording finished

Overjoyed to tell you that today my young tech assistant Patrick and I finished recording the audiobook of Midlife Solo, blasting through the last 70 pages in 2 1/2 hours. We finished the whole thing

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I began keeping a journal at the age of nine. Nearly fifty years later, I started this online journal, sharing reflections, reviews, updates, and the occasional secret.

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