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covid day 4,672,918: my drag queen life

Today, up at 6, out to NoFrills at 8 – almost empty – for a few essentials like milk. Couldn’t resist – though I don’t need it, I added a pack of toilet paper to my cart. If a large gang of incontinent people come to stay, I’m ready.

Nap, already exhausted, at 9. At 11, Gina’s line dancing, and at 2, meeting Debra for a walk around the ‘hood. She has sewn me a mask, a snazzy mask made of blue Marimekko material with pipe cleaner inside that you can bend to follow the lines of the face. So cool!

The rest of the day, editing. Eating chocolate, drinking wine, editing, and then the ms. went out one last time. The second the last ‘no’ comes in, it’s going to a hybrid publisher who’s lined up. Enough already.

Started to watch National Theatre Live’s Treasure Island, but it was just too noisy. Have to say that sometimes, having women play male roles doesn’t work. Here, I found those poor actresses howling their lines to be heard; it hurt me to listen to their high strained voices. So instead, I’m going to try to clear some of the 85 emails in my inbox.

To close, a family album: Anna took the first shot at the lake this morning, where she goes early each day with her two puppies and one of their friends, to run them:

My sources tell me that Linda McCartney died on this day, April 17. She was an interesting woman, a nice Jewish girl from New York who had a great life and was much loved by her husband and children. She’s holding baby Mary and Paul has his arm around Heather, Linda’s daughter by her first marriage, whom Paul adopted. Mary is a photographer who was recently asked to photograph the Queen; Heather is a potter, and daughter Stella is a famous fashion designer. Not bad for a bunch of kids raised on a farm in Scotland.

And this one was sent today by Lani, who’s in the middle, between me, the tall one, and Annabel, the other one, with Al, Andy and Simon behind us. El Grande de Coca Cola was an extremely goofy show about an indigent family from Central America who put on an absurd circus act to try to make money. These were taken as we were on our way to pose for publicity shots. I know, I look like a drag queen. But – look at those gams. I was 26. Sigh.



2 Responses to “covid day 4,672,918: my drag queen life”

  1. theresa says:

    That last photograph is stunning!

  2. beth says:

    Not a group you see often strolling around downtown Vancouver, at least until Gay Pride day.

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