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Twyla Tharp: “Wake up and dance, y’all.”

They say we haven’t had this much snow in mid-November for 70 years. 12 centimetres or more. Very very pretty for those of us who don’t have to wrestle our way to work. The leaves are still on the trees and I’d just blown up my bike tires for further riding. I think not. It’s sunny today, blindingly bright.

I know, you’ve seen this view many times before. But not in NOVEMBER.

The view, through the screen, from my bedroom window. Very David Milne, no?

Yesterday’s excitement – a trip with John to Staples, which is having their annual chair sale, to buy myself A NEW DESK CHAIR. A first – mine so far have all been second-hand; the one I’m sitting in now has a variety of cushions to support my back. The new one is snazzy with built-in lumbar support. Half price. Delivered tomorrow. I spend a great deal of my life sitting here, so might as well do so in style and comfort.

The salesman who sold me the chair had, without doubt, the worst haircut I have ever seen. It was pressed straight at the sides, like wide sideburns but growing straight down and sticking out, off the face, and short with weird bits at the back. Indescribable – well, like a large leprechaun with a very bad barber. I kept wondering what he saw when he looked in the mirror: Ooo, lookin’ good today you handsome devil! But maybe he was thinking the same of me. And he did know a lot about desk chairs.

On Sunday, to an event put on by the King’s University Nonfiction program – the only degree in the country specifically for nonfiction, yay! It was about publishing nonfiction, and it was, as always, depressing – about how hard it is to find an agent or a publisher, and even when you do, to get a book out into the world and – cue laughter here – to make money. However. We do it anyway, because we are lunatics of the best sort.

Speaking of lunatics, finished 78-year old Twyla Tharp’s new book Keep It Moving. She urges us to dance. Good news: my friend Gina and I are again going to produce a dance event at the Black Swan. Thursday Feb. 6 2020. Great music, no partners needed, just move that bod!

Here are a few inspirational quotes:

Age is not the enemy.
Stagnation is the enemy. Complacency is the enemy. Stasis is the enemy.
Attempting to maintain the status quo, smoothing our skin, and keeping our
tummies trim become distractions that obscure a larger truth. Attempting to
freeze your life in time at any point is totally destructive to the prospect of
a life lived well and fully.

To move is the
provenance of all living human beings. And by my definition, to move is to
dance. With the time you’ve got, choose to make your life bigger … I say this
with love: shut up and dance … You might want to start now.

If you look at your
body as a job, then gathering the discipline to stay strong and limber isn’t a
chore. Fitness expands our social, emotional, and intellectual well-being. When
we make time for physical activity … we are not stealing from other parts of
our lives. We are making it possible to live each day productively.

Wake up and dance,
y’all. As you best see fit. Dancing is a beautiful way to say thank you to your
body and to join the human race. Welcome to the tribe.

Hope to see you Feb. 6, if not before. 



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