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The Bruce McMouse Show at 20 below

Bitter cold outside. I’m sitting in the unbelievable jumble of my office, until yesterday the desk covered with tablecloths to keep off the dust, which is all over the floor. So much for needing tidy tranquillity to work. What I do need, though, is the heater blasting at my feet. It’s cold in here too.

Seven more weeks until we’re done here, they say.

The bird feeder is full. That’s my most important job – to keep the birds alive till spring.

You’ll laugh at me. Yesterday I went to an important cultural event, a special one-time only screening of The Bruce McMouse Show, a goofy film made from clips of live concerts of Paul McCartney and Wings in the early seventies, with a bit of animation, the McMouse stuff, added. My young friend Holly came with me, and we met Jessica there, a friend of Anna’s, one of the few people I know as mad about Macca as I am, and she’s 32! Yay! The film was silly fun, the music was fabulous, and the fashion was insane – mullets, overalls, hideous clumpy two-toned shoes, pants ending three inches above the ankles – even Macca couldn’t carry off those looks. But the music! Maybe I’m amazed.

Went to visit Anna and family on Sunday, where little Ben found he could fit in one of their laundry hampers. Then Eli and I came back here for Beer Batter fish and chips, two of the only things he eats.

As I was leaving Anna’s later, after bringing Eli home, a woman and her young son were arriving to spend the night. Anna told me in passing that the woman’s husband is abusive, she and her son have to find a new place to live, and so will be sleeping at Anna’s for now. In her crowded two-bedroom apartment, my daughter made this distressed family welcome. She’d be embarrassed and even angry if she knew I’m telling you this, but she has never read my blog and never will, so she won’t know. As I’ve written, she is far to the left of me, and we argue about various issues, especially pipelines. But she doesn’t just talk the talk, she lives her principles. My dad, a left-wing political animal who spent his life fighting for his principles, would be very proud of her fierce spirit, her huge heart and kindness. As am I.

Want to share with you another great richness: my Holds list at my local library. At some point, these luscious books will arrive and be mine for 3 whole weeks. Does life get better than that?

Hay, Elizabeth, 1951- author.
#85 of 283
(68 copies)
13 Nov 2020
Cover image of The art of the wasted day
Hampl, Patricia, 1946- author.
#10 of 10
(12 copies)
21 Jan 2021
Cover image of Dear Evelyn
Page, Kathy, 1958- author.
#184 of 360
(70 copies)
2 Dec 2020
Cover image of How to live : or, A life of Montaigne in one question and twenty attempts at an answer
Bakewell, Sarah.
#7 of 7
(6 copies)
21 Jan 2021
Cover image of Human voices
Fitzgerald, Penelope.
#5 of 35
(5 copies)
8 Oct 2020
Cover image of Kitchen yarns : notes on life, love, and food
Hood, Ann, 1956- author.
#34 of 66
(14 copies)
6 Jan 2021
Cover image of Normal People
Rooney, Sally



2 Responses to “The Bruce McMouse Show at 20 below”

  1. theresa says:

    I LOVE Patricia Hampl, though I haven't read that one. Blue Arabesque is sublime. And I received the Hay for my birthday. It is so beautiful and somehow generous.

  2. beth says:

    Looking forward to reading these eventually – though there's also the toppling pile stacked up, piano height, in my living room. How to do it all? Just went to hear the writer Esi Edugyan and her editors – she's young, has two small children and two Gillers! She spoke about how very much reading she does for research before writing. How is that possible?

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