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thanks thanks thanks

The most beautiful imaginable day – I’m sitting on the deck in the hot sun. There are few plants around me, though – yesterday night it went down to 5, so yesterday afternoon was about wrestling the deck plants into the house, at last. Heroic Bill came over and we washed and hauled. Usually they’re scattered all over the house and I just hope they survive; this year, because upstairs is now so light and sunny, we had to drag them all up to the second floor. Which is now a jungly plant sanctuary.

Last night, Monique called to say our mutual friend Jacqueline was coming for dinner, did I want to join them? I certainly did. We 3 are perfectly compatible politically and in every other way, including enjoyment of food and wine. We tried to fix the problems of the world, really we did.

Today is my son’s 35th birthday. He is of course working – or should I say, receiving his adoring fans throughout the day; when he finishes work at 6, he’s staying at the bar to receive more. Yesterday his sister cooked Thanksgiving dinner for Thomas’s extended family, including about eight children, 3 of whom, plus of course hers, stayed overnight in her small apartment. I honour her and salute her, the woman who provides family, food, and support to so many.

Went for a walk this morning to the Necropolis, where my parents and uncle are scattered, to give them thanks for my life and heart. Soon I’ll go across town to visit, then Eli, Ben, and I will walk up to Sam’s bar to celebrate with him. I could ask for no better Thanksgiving. Our feast is on Wednesday. Whenever and whatever you celebrate, I wish you light, I wish you peace, I wish you playtime.

Happy Thanksgiving.



2 Responses to “thanks thanks thanks”

  1. theresa says:

    And from me, too: thanks, thanks, thanks. Light through trees, the sound of children playing, maybe some peace on earth (if that's not too much to ask).

  2. beth says:

    Well, the first two, yes, Theresa, unfortunately not so sure about the third. But from us to you, over the mountains – a happy happy Thanksgiving.

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