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back in form

Nothing like mewling on-line to bring in warm words from friends, including dear Patsy from Gabriola Island, who wrote in response to my plaintive “What’s it all about, Patsy?”:

“Keep using your gifts, with all your heart and mind, and offering them: it’s not up to you to determine how they will be received. Indeed, I think we may often not be aware of what they mean to others. Light a few candles, sow a few seeds, and walk on the sunny side.”

I should try this self-pity thing more often. Thanks to you all.
But moving right along, on a gorgeous Tuesday, fresh and sunny with a touch of wind and the garden leaping into life before my eyes – my spine is back in place and all is well on my tiny bit of earth. Today the local farmer’s market begins outside Riverdale Farm. The ridiculous cat beside me is snoring in one of her contortions, her face pressed against a back paw and her mouth almost smiling, if this bad-tempered cat knew how to smile, which she most assuredly does not. And soon I hop on my bike to go to a class at U of T.
Later, my son is coming over to do some work in the yard. He has had a tough few days – Sunday was the first anniversary of the death of his friend. A group of Devon’s loved ones gathered on the island, where they have planted a tree in remembrance. A recent documentary about the Doors showed that Jim Morrison died from much the same cause as Sam’s friend, and at much the same, far too young age.
Last night’s treat – two new episodes of “Law and Order” in a row. How is it possible that they’ll cancel this finest of shows? I don’t watch enough TV to compare it to other programs – are the others so much better? This one is intelligent, thoughtful, controversial, has fine actors, great scripts, tight action – is that not enough? The one last week was about a Bush-era law affecting tax laws in the spring of 2010 – does TV get more up to date than that? I’m mighty fond of the callow D.A. played by Linus Roache, especially as I marvel that an actor called Linus Roache actually finds work. Can you imagine his childhood?
Will Linus and that smart pretty brunette finally fall in love next week, the last show? And what about the superb Lieutenant Van Buren and her cancer? RIP, my favourite program. Mind you, there will be re-runs on every hour on the hour. But no new ones. Sad.
Now all I watch regularly is Jon. And that not always, when his program is too focussed on the minutiae of American politics or when the stuff in the middle is too silly. What is the next intelligent program for someone without HBO, can someone tell me?
Also, sadly, yesterday I ate the last bit of Camembert brought in my suitcase from Paris. Now that idyll is a distant memory. Was I actually there LAST MONTH? I don’t think so. I don’t think I have ever left this garden.
Another word about friendship: last week I emailed my very lengthy manuscript of the “book of the blog” to my beloved Chris Tyrell, in Vancouver, and he spent much of his Sunday transforming it into a publishable document. I have no idea how he does it, I just send it to him and he slaves for many hours, fitting in photographs, figuring out format, even designing the cover. He did the same with my last self-published book, “Back Page Stories.”
This is a great friend and citizen in more than word. Chris is a volunteer extraordinaire, having single-handedly raised thousands of dollars for the Performing Artists Lodge of Vancouver and many other causes, on top of his teaching work and writing his second book on artists’ resources. Not to mention dealing with his serious health issues, which brought him down on Sunday night. Chris decided, a few months ago, that he needed to lose weight because of his health. He began to walk everywhere, long fast walks, and to eat properly, and in a very short time lost 30 pounds, just like that. That’s how Chris does things, with extraordinary focus and dedication. Including, lucky me, my books.
A tribute to an indefatigable man who is, it turns out, fatigable. I love you, Chris. You dazzled me when we met in 1975, and you dazzle me still.



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