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In which Beth manages an interview in French

I hope I didn’t sound self-pitying yesterday, because I truly was not feeling sorry for myself, just expressing what it’s like to live a solitary life. But also very much not solitary – with tenants, family close by, dear neighbours and many other friends in the neighbourhood, and of course the internet full of familiars … hardly lonely! I Skyped for an hour and a half with Lynn in Provence yesterday, laughing as we always do as our conversation ranges from politics to recipes. She suggested a new way to make ratatouille that I tried – baking instead of mushy stovetop. Excellent.

Didn’t get done what I’d hoped but did practice the piano for a bit, do a bit of cooking and seasonal clothes sorting, went for a walk in the sun and ran into a bunch of people – “How’s your book going?” “When does your teaching start?” “Happy Thanksgiving!” The ‘hood was beyond beautiful as the trees glow. And as always, I was thankful to live in this lovely place.

Today Sylvie-Anne Jeanson sent me the interview we did that aired last week. I’m grateful to Monique with whom I’ve been speaking French since March during our near-daily aperitif at 5, so was able to get through an interview about the book in French. I don’t think this will sell any since the book is in English – but still, there it is, maybe someone will care.

Yesterday also I got a review on Amazon by someone I don’t know. Now that’s thrilling – a stranger liked it enough to give it a good review. Lani asked me to send one to her sister-in-law. “I love the book, Beth,” she wrote. “Thank you for writing it.” My dear friend – thank you for reading it!

Had planned last night to watch Dame Harriet in the Donmar Trilogy – 3 Shakespeare plays cast entirely with women. Will do so soon, but instead, needing froth, I watched 2 episodes of “Emily in Paris.” It’s shallow and absurd – an incredibly handsome French chef emerges from the kitchen, unruffled in spotless white, to stand chatting patiently with an American about her “underdone” steak – oh sure. But it’s wonderful to see that glorious city. When will we travel again? 

A few tears today – I turned on the last few minutes of the French Open tennis championship and saw Rafa resoundingly beat Novak. Felt my mother and Auntie Do cheering with me – Fed is our favourite but the adorable Rafa comes second. Hooray! As if it matters. But it mattered to them, and so it does to me. Sending love to you both, Mum and Do. 

Now to listen to Eleanor’s “Writers and Company” and cook some more. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. 

PS Just got a direct deposit from Access Copyright for my books in the library – $105! Thanks, Gov’t of Canada. The money just keeps pouring in. Can vast wealth and fame be far behind?



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