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the bliss of haircuts and Hamilton

Not my happiest place, inside in the AC, but better than the alternative, the suffocating heat outside. Soon it’ll lessen and I’ll go water the parched garden. It’s rosé time, solitary today.

Yesterday, to the market; at 7.45 a.m., there was a lineup outside that moved quickly. Such deliciousness inside, all local.

Though, feeling guilty, later I also went to NoFrills and bought cherries from Washington and mangoes from Mexico – but I promise, I will only buy local produce now till the end of summer.

A few hours later, Helene, a friend of my former hairdresser Ingrid who has closed down her business, came to cut hair in the garden. She does hair for film and TV, and she cut my hair and then Monique’s. What a lovely place to have a haircut, on the deck under the pergola. And now my head is lighter. The first time since February! Never has a haircut been so welcome.

That night’s treat – I borrowed Anna’s log-in and password for Disney+ and watched Hamilton the film. I saw it on stage when it played here in the winter before theatres closed down, and marvelled at its ferocious energy and confidence, its eclectic musicality and originality, overwhelming, breathtaking. Despite the historical complexities it details about the creation of the United States of America, which we Canucks don’t know much (or perhaps care much) about, I felt that again about the film. My ex told me recently that Lin-Manuel Miranda, the phenomenal talent who wrote the book, lyrics, and music and also starred as Hamilton for some time, is now a billionaire.

The music! I have “The room where it happened” on the brain and can’t get it out! Just one of the best musical moments ever, yet one of many. I defy you to listen to it without snapping and tapping and wanting to dance.


This afternoon, Jane Ellison’s 1 1/2 hour class, then cooking some stuff from the market while listening to Eleanor Wachtel. And now the heat has faded, I can open the doors and go water. Only 20 tonight. Tomorrow, only 31. It’s going down.



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