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Familiarity breeds contentment

I am still landing, still recuperating, I guess, from nearly 3 weeks of travel and being sick. Not much energy. But yesterday I went to the Y for the first time in a month, and it felt so good to be moving, if slowly, with my team. I need to build muscle again. Much ground lost.

Strange to say, but it feels like home, that gym, that change room. Those long-term Y friends are home to me.

As I write, I am fondling my belly, encased in the softest 2-ply cashmere. Went to Doubletake today expecting nothing, because the place is so crowded these days — I resent these Johnny-come-lately’s invading my store! On my way out, I saw an interesting sleeve, stopped, fondled. Cashmere. A grey sweater, oversized, for $3. I may never take it off. Still treasure to be found there.

Speaking of treasure, on Sunday the boys came with their mother for Sunday dinner. They are beautiful and difficult. Having two parents is a huge help, but if there’s only one, it should be a strong woman like Anna. It was a lovely evening, so after dinner, before ice cream for dessert, we proposed a walk, which they vehemently opposed. Ben retired to write something and appeared with a note which read, “We r not going to the park onlis we get ice cream.”

LOL. We went to the park before ice cream, but it wasn’t easy.

Sunday night, 60 Minutes on the difficult lives of the children of U.S. military PTSD sufferers, and the final episode of Mr. Banks vs. the Post Office, a shocking saga that continues to this day. What good a timely drama can effect! Bravo to all concerned.

This is my last week before teaching starts again next Tuesday, the first time I’ve taught in person since March 2020. In a classroom. Wearing respectable clothes! Several bits of business first. 1. There’s still room in the course, Life Stories 1, Tuesdays 6.30 -9.

2. My upstairs tenant, who’s been here for five years, is leaving at the end of May for a job in Ottawa, so a bed-sitting room will be available for rent for some lovely, quiet, unobtrusive person.

3. And most important of all, I’m asking everyone who reads this blog and who has read Midlife Solo and enjoyed it to consider REVIEWING IT, on Amazon or on Goodreads. It helps. Every bit helps. Thank you!

Now getting ready for Annie, who’s coming for a walk and dinner. Lack of energy notwithstanding, I could not be happier to be surrounded by familiar people and places.

Aka home.



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