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nightmares of Stephen Harper

10.45  a.m. on Thanksgiving Monday.  O glorious day.

I slept badly, tossing and turning with nightmare images of Harper’s smug face.  There’s an article in the “Star” today about what strong dislike he provokes, like his  Conservative predecessor Mulroney, and I can certainly agree; I have rarely had such profoundly visceral negative feelings about a politician. I can’t bear to look at him, he makes me so angry.  Perhaps he evokes something very deep, very far back – a playground bully or a nasty, heedless teacher. Even former Ontario premier Mike Harris whom I loathe as much as any human alive, even George Bush and Sarah Palin do not provoke me to a dislike as strong as that I have for cold, glib Stephen Harper, who will soon be ruling my world once again, sending young war resisters back to prison in the U.S. and sentencing 14-year olds to life in prison here.
I think the wily Conservatives called the election for the day after Thanksgiving so the sleepy electorate will be full of turkey and sweet potato on voting day, all those soothing chemicals, and will opt for the status quo.    
But I have to keep things in perspective: this is Canada.  Even if Harper wins a majority, Canada will not invent a pretext to invade another country.   To the planet, that other election matters far more.  
And on this Thanksgiving Monday, the weather is stunning, warm, sunny, peaceful.  I give thanks for the bounty of this life.  Thanks for this country even if sometimes it disagrees with me; thanks for this city which Mike Harris tried to destroy; thanks for this garden in which I’m sitting at this moment, despite the trampling and scavenging of the raccoons.  
Most of all, thanks for the family and friends who will soon be here, who are not perfect, who are so much loved despite, or maybe because of, their flaws.  As am I, I hope.  Can I try to love Stephen Harper for his flaws?
There is no point losing sleep over something I can do nothing to stop.  This is a down cycle for my beloved country.  That will change.  In the meantime, it’s time to stuff the turkey.  
I beg you, those of you voting tomorrow – don’t let the nice fat turkey lull you to passivity and sleep.  Look into Harper’s icy blue eyes, please, and consider the heart that’s attached.   



4 Responses to “nightmares of Stephen Harper”

  1. cycroft says:

    I feel truly sorry for anyone who says “…former Ontario premier Mike Harris whom I loathe as much as any human alive.” I also fear such people.

    This sort of blind hatred of people one does not even know personally, has resulted in more wars and genocides than almost anything else.

    Is it only only right of centre politicians that you loathe or are you an equal opportunity loather?

    You are one scary woman.

  2. Thanks for the support that you and many Canadians are giving to U.S. war resisters. As a Vietnam War resister who supports the Iraq War resisters, I also am hoping for a good result in Canada’s election tomorrow.

    Even if Stephen Harper is returned to power (probably with a weak minority govt.), we must do all we can to force him to obey the will of the Canadian peopla and Parliament.

    You may want to read an article I wrote about Harper’s deportation of U.S. war resister Robin Long in July.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
    Gerry Condon

  3. beth says:

    Russ, I do express myself strongly, because I feel strongly. I consider myself a loving and open woman, and yet there are a few people about whom I feel powerful negative emotions, and one of the most extreme is Mike Harris.

    I encounter his attempts to destroy my city daily – including, for example, in the deadly spate of youth violence on the front page almost every day. How is this Harris’s fault? Not coincidentally, during his premiership, all kinds of before and after school youth programs were axed, youth clubs, guidance counsellors, in-class assistants, not to mention welfare and the education system itself – leaving disadvantaged, at-risk kids without crucial help or even just a place to go.

    Ten years later, these kids are poorly-educated, angry adults on the streets with guns. I attribute this to Mike’s brutal evisceration of the Ontario public education system, and it makes me sad and furious.

    But yes, I absolutely agree with you, I should not use words of hatred. I have no wish to add more hatred in a world exploding with it. So I will rephrase. I dislike intensely many of the policies that Mike Harris implemented, and there is something about Stephen Harper’s cold eyes and manner that I dislike and distrust.

    Thank you for reigning me in.

  4. beth says:

    Gerry, one of our great boons in Canada was the crowd of young men who arrived during the Vietnam War, so many of whom went on to make a huge contribution to the country that had sheltered them. From the beginning of our history, with the Loyalists arriving from the United States, Canada has given a home to those fleeing injustice elsewhere. So it hurts beyond measure to see that proud legacy being destroyed.

    Good luck to you.

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