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Momentous. I’m sitting here listening to Randy Bachman, feeling somehow empty and exhilarated at the same time. I just emailed the memoir manuscript to the editor who’d expressed an interest in seeing it. It was

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Ben at the AGO

It’s 12 degrees today – like spring! I sailed along on the bicycle, overdressed in mitts and scarf. If only this would last. Hard to hate global warming when it means that winter is actually

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Welcome to my world: the first work day after Xmas, and there are five men making a huge noise in my house, two cutting planks upstairs and three drilling holes in the basement floor and

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Merry merry merry

11.30 Xmas morning. The turkey is in the oven, the son is on the sofa, the little boys and Wayson will be coming in about an hour for a new flurry of paper and presents.

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a voice from heaven

7 a.m. Christmas Eve. All systems go. The Christmas pageant underway – who knows what surprises the evening will bring? But it won’t be too cold – or wet, as it was last year –

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“Nothing like a dame”

Xmas is looming. This chaotic year, I’m doing the minimum, no tree, few decorations, but presents for the kids, of course. That’s enough. What a relief. And there’s the pageant, of course – a rehearsal

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“Relax into the blow”

A grey, wet, mild Friday morning in C’town, and you’ll be happy to hear that sanity and calm have returned to this fevered brow. I remembered something important at 4 a.m. this morning. When I

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MORE gloom and doom

My friends, I think I used to be perky, setting out cheerily for new adventures, perhaps fun to be with. Maybe again sometime. Not right now. It’s all too much, right now. The excruciating daily

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a slump

Voices from upstairs, men figuring out this and that. Measuring negotiating planning. Always problems arising in this old old house. Nightmares for the owner, sleepless nights, upset stomach. Decisions to make. Let sleeping dogs lie,

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