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remembering Wayson

Today is the yahrzeit, the anniversary of death, of my beloved friend Wayson Choy. In his memory I’ve lit one of the special candles that burns for at least 26 hours, and while it’s burning,

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Boasting: today I received not one but two actual in-the-mail letters: from John Sugden, nicknamed Sugdoon, writing from his home in Shropshire, and Nick Rice, nicknamed Nickynicknick, from his supply teaching post in Scarborough. Sugdoon,

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Bandit comes home

Our new family member is here. Such an emotional day yesterday — I was remembering the births of Eli and Ben, a vivid memory since I was Anna’s labour coach and actually cut the tough

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nightmares, art, pansies

Couldn’t sleep last night, playing nightmare images of the soldiers and citizens of Mariupol, huddled in a steel factory, awaiting the monsters. As the neighbour I ran into this morning said, I feel guilty my

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A vital journey to sobriety: month one

My son told me he’d be honoured if today I’d write about his journey, which I’ve not done so far. My blog readers know not much in my life is private, but the lives of

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Happy camper here. I’ve been kind of down the last few days – well, not down, just listless – literally. Usually I have lists of things to do to spur me on, but recently I

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puppy love

OOF – under the weather today. Yesterday I got the first of two shingles vaccines, and boy, did it pack a punch; I’m achey all over, very sore arm. The second dose I get in

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