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11.25 p.m. I’m mourning on one hand and celebrating on the other. What an extraordinary country, that can elect a majority of Conservatives and yet also, overnight, propel a left-wing party from obscure third also-ran to a huge swath of seats in the official opposition.

I am nauseated at the thought of what that sea of self-congratulatory blue will try to do to this country. But overjoyed to think that they’ll be facing Jack! Jumping Jack and all his people, who’ll be making lots and lots of noise. So it’s pretty bad, but it could be so much worse. Obviously, the Libs will have to clean house and change course, and Jack will consolidate, so next time, maybe we can wipe those blues right out.
And we do not miss the Bloc at all.
In fact, so far, the Tories have won 40% of the popular vote, and the NDP 30%. If you add the Libs at 20%, it means that half the country did NOT vote for the Tories. It’s crazy that they should be able to form a majority government when 50% of this country doesn’t want them.
However. It’s over. I heard one commentator say, “With a majority, at last we’ll have stability.” And I thought, yeah, right, stability, prisons, war, secrecy, cutting taxes and social programs, stability. Well, let’s hope Jack fights that stability every step of the way.
And in the meantime, my daughter had her birthday party, and we ate like kings, as always; I kissed her a great deal and read funny stories from the book of anecdotes I jotted down during her first years, till we wept with laughter. Then turned on the TV and began to weep in earnest.
No we didn’t. Those Tories will never make us cry. As Cee Lo sings in his marvellous song, “@#$# you.”



2 Responses to “sad/happy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth,
    There were so many things I loved about your book and definitely ranking high up there was the realization that "hey, here's someone who hates Stephen Harper as much as I do!"
    Can you even believe these results? I've never been so terrified and furious.
    I wanted to see what you would would have to say about this. So thank you for taking the time to write last night. Because your message made me feel a bit better. And I probably won't read the paper today, but I did read this.
    liz xo
    p.s. who am I kidding? I will definitely read the paper too. But I refuse to look at a picture of Voldemort jr.

  2. beth says:

    Liz, at least half of Canada didn't vote for Voldemort (good name!), and certainly most of the people I know loathe him. Unfortunately, we're in a bubble of lefty good sense.

    Ah well – it'll be fun to watch feisty Jack put up his dukes for the good fight.

    Glad you liked the book.

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