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different strokes

The treat this past Saturday was riding my bicycle down to the overwrought Paramount cineplex, to go to the opera.  I was lucky enough to get a returned ticket to this sold-out event: Donizetti’s “La

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It’s spring, and a middle aged woman’s thoughts turn to … income tax.  Ah well, a quick hard sting and it’s over, whereas the blooming outside the window, the forsythia and daffs and cherry blossom

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in praise of Eleanor Wachtel

Sunday afternoon of a perfectly beautiful day.  Last Monday, at 10 a.m. it was winter, and by noon, it was summer.  That’s how it is in Toronto – one hour of temperate spring.  Suddenly you

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Theatre people

Yesterday night Philip Clarkson, a set and costume designer and an old Vancouver friend of Nicky Cavendish’s, threw a small party to welcome her to Toronto.  It was a treat for me to be part

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minus hairbows

Here’s Vermeer’s “Lady, Writing,” the beauty I fell in love with in Washington.  We modern lady scribes do not often go to work in satin, ermine and hairbows, and our implements are different, but the

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facing Kaplans

I did my best to relax and have a good time during my talk at the 92nd Street Y.  That’s not easy to do when, facing me, were around 25 keen, critical New Yorkers including

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a wunnerful town

I’ve just read in the “Times” that “August: Osage County,” by Tracy Letts, the family drama that Lola and I saw a few nights ago, has won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Richly deserved. Among

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Noo Yawk Noo Yawk

This is the city where I was born – in mid-century, in mid-summer, in midtown Manhattan – and lived for only the first six weeks of my life.  Coming in from Philadelphia on the Chinese

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the streets of Philadelphia

It’s hard to walk around Philadelphia without hearing Bruce Springsteen in your head.  But I don’t think Bruce was singing about the quaint, beautiful streets in the historic district, like “Elfreth’s Alley,” built in the

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