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It was a cold but sunny ride to the market this morning. All day the yellow leaves have been showering from the neighbour’s tree. But next week we’ll have a few more warm days, they say.

Two more blessings today, two reviews (edited) from friends in B.C. David wrote, Beautiful and courageous writing… As of 1976 I was one of the people at the Arts Club bar trying to find my place, not fitting in. Those sections were really poignant for me, as were many others. Really well done. 

And Theresa: How beautifully you’ve woven the strands of your early life–the uncertainties of finding a way to live in the world, the attractions and dangers of that world … This is such a richly-textured book and I loved the details: the landscape of southern France, Greece, the Vancouver theatre scene in the 1970s. I admired your younger self, her bold spirit and her curiosity, her loyalty, and her willingness to open the door to the community at the Moulin. 

Admiration, and gratitude, because you’ve made something fine and beautiful, and it deserves to be read, to be savoured, to find a place in the cultural conversation.

Again, thank you friends, not just for reading, but for making time to make this writer very happy. Tears in the eyes happy. 

Yesterday, another great writer experience – the Writer’s Union of Canada ran a Zoom get-together for “Self-published writers.” Some 35-40 of us were there in our little boxes on the screen, and after an intro, were divided into breakout rooms. My first breakout room! What amazing technology – there we were, six of us, from Gibson’s and Hornby Island in B.C., New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Toronto, and Yellowknife … Instant friends, advice and ideas exchanged.

The first thing we decided, thanks to Gwen, is that we will no longer call ourselves “self-published,” a tainted word. “Indie movies are movies the directors produced themselves, and there’s indie music,” she said. “We should call ourselves indie writers. Independent.” 

Yes! INDIE is who we are. We discussed various issues including the problems of marketing before returning to the main group where a summary of each breakout room was given. Superb!

I sent Gwen a private birthday greeting, with another moan about marketing, and today she wrote back, At its best, marketing is just another word for connecting with like-minded people. It needn’t be salesmanship or pushy. If we try to reframe it as a positive connection to another human being, one curious or compassionate soul at a time, then it has the potential to expand us. Easier said than done, of course.

Given the heart and subject of your Loose Woman memoir – woof, it should speak to and reach many thousands. They just need to know it is there, waiting to fill their hearts and mirror their sorrows. Believe in your book’s power and potential to shift lives, Beth, and then perhaps the ‘marketing’ may not feel so onerous.

Now that’s sensible and thoughtful and wise. I will try to take your advice, Gwen, and I thank you. 

The most important thing, today, besides Hallowe’en – the kids are gathering for a private party – is that it’s 3 days until, we pray, the world changes. Last night, Bill Maher had on a cybersecurity expert scaring us by wondering what manipulative damage the Russians or Iranians are going to do before or during election day. And his panel discussed what will happen to the Repulsives after the election, if Biden wins. “It’s Trump’s party now,” said one. “There is no moderate wing. It’s the racist and misogynist party of white grievance.”

An article on FB today about the appalling things Steven Miller has in mind for immigrants if Trump wins. Imagine, this disgusting man is so utterly without redeeming qualities that Trump hasn’t found a need to fire him, one of the only rats to cling to the sinking ship. May these foul creatures vanish. 

But we know they won’t. As someone said last night, “Remember, he can run again in 2024. And then Don Jr.”

The sun is shining. Let’s hang onto that, for now.

Anna in a past life, as Amy Winehouse. Happy Hallowe’en.



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