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So True readers triumph, again

So True! It was wonderful. I’m so proud of the writers. Here’s what one first time reader emailed afterwards:
Still feeling “full” after a night of feasting on everyone’s authentic, bold, well read writing. So grateful to have shared the stage and mic (not so scary after all!) with all of you. Thanks Beth for creating the space and for all the support to get us up there. Amazing.
And another first timer:
I had a wonderful evening, just thrilled to have been in the company of such a fine group of people. Your stories are all touching. 
It was an honour and absolute pleasure to be a part of So True. Thank you Beth for this unique opportunity to share my story.

This time, we were nearly at capacity – maybe 70 people plus our 8 readers. If we get any bigger, we’ll have to find another space, and we really like this one.

The next So True isn’t until October; this particular May and June are too busy for me to be able to devote the time to our usual late spring session. Our autumn topic: Kith and Kin. I just love the word ‘kith,’ and those two words make for the best stories. So – stay tuned.

And then Wayson and I came back here, and Sam’s lovely Amy came over too; Sam had cooked chili for our Oscar watching party. I can’t believe we watched the whole @#$# thing, but we did. People have been dissing the show, but I thought it was better than most – less crass, more heartfelt, with some great moments. However, I used to sit and watch acting award shows like the Oscars and feel like Cinderella, at home in my rags while important glittering people celebrated each other. And now, I look at those women, working so very hard in extremely uncomfortable clothes in front of 200 million people, and am so profoundly grateful to be in my sweatpants in my living room. Speaking and reading an essay in a room of 70 or 80 friendly souls is stress enough for me.

Friday I had a checkup. There’s a little cyst on my left eyelid, a brown mole-like patch above my right ear, both of which need to be seen, and I still have osteoporosis though my bones are holding steady. Aging, as they say, is not for sissies. Though in fact, I’ve never felt better. So there.

Today, across town to see Anna and the boys – it’s been weeks. We got Eli after school and went to his floor hockey class again. I was there for the first class some weeks ago, and this was the last of the term – they’ve come a long way, those hooligan five-year old boys with their ceaseless energy. It was wonderful to see them screaming with laughter playing dodgeball as a warmup, and Ben allowed to join in at the end. But I was exhausted just watching them – non-stop noise and motion. My poor daughter.

Speaking of kith and kin…

I am seeing contractors on the chance that this renovation will actually happen, and this morning a possible tenant for the basement suite since my current tenant is moving to New York. Seeing editing clients, bank manager, teaching, trying to keep up with life – it never stops. Have not written a word for weeks. How do writers do it? I forget.



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