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In which people say nice things again and I admire tulips

I’ve sometimes despaired of this blog, as perhaps you know, because it takes time — somehow I’m always writing to you in my head, as life goes by — for a relatively small audience, which has never really grown in all my years of writing here. Today I ran into a friend from the neighbourhood, whom I haven’t seen in many months. She rushed to hug me. “Your blog has been a lifesaver!” she cried.

I have no idea why, but … how nice is that?

And then a former student wrote about the last post, about my many rejections: I appreciate your honesty as I’m sure many of your readers do. You are presenting the daily slog of an already published author and award-winning experienced  teacher who is juggling writing, editing, teaching, the ups and downs of family relationships, overcoming illness, trying to stay fit, enjoying cultural events, overcoming self-doubt, railing against municipal, federal and global injustices and atrocities while creating beauty around you that you share with your readers.

Wow — this blogger sure spreads herself thin!

And then a longtime student and friend, who’d read the Epilogue of my new book, an update on where I am now, wrote, You did not  mention the thing about you that fascinates me most, which is that  you explore the most varied and current cultural works and events of anyone I have ever known. I marvel at how you keep up with the information and the schedule to attend to them all. You are tirelessly feeding your creativity and intellect as you engage both in person, and virtually. 

So that also is good to hear, although I did write back to say there’s someone who attends far more cultural events than I, and that’s our mutual friend, the incredible Ruth. 
But still, as someone whose books have sold so poorly, I’m grateful to know the words mean something.
A perfect day today, very busy in the sun. Rode to the market, later to St. James Park to see the stunning profusion of tulips, then to the wonderful Ben McNally Bookstore, then more errands. And all along I kept running into old friends to chat with. Another told me she is moving out of the ‘hood, selling her beautiful but difficult old house to move to a condo. Made me sad. More and more of us will be doing that. I pray I can hold out. But we’ll see. 
Here’s St. James Park:



What I bought at Ben McNally. I’m doing a memoir workshop with Laura Calder at Word on the Street next week, so will read her current book which is full of recipes, and look forward to Elizabeth Hay’s latest novel, about an actress.

The first crop from the garden – sorrel and mint. Will make a salsa verde for the first time. Hooray for green!



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