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Everything Everywhere — no, not so much

It’s 5.30, and I’m drinking a small glass of pinot. Life-threatening, I know, but I like to live dangerously. Will I have another small glass with dinner? Probably not. Because. But maybe I will. 

So, a few disappointing things these days. First, I got the results of recent blood tests. They said I’m pre-diabetic and have moderately high cholesterol levels. WHAT?! I’m more or less the right weight, eat more or less healthily, exercise more or less regularly – so what’s going on? I know, I boast about my mayonnaise-based diet, but still, I don’t eat much junk food, my sugar is mostly dark chocolate every day… Who knows? Maybe genetics – my uncle Edgar had diabetes. Here are the symptoms of pre-diabetes:

  • unusual thirst, frequent urination, weight change (gain or loss), extreme fatigue or lack of energy, blurred vision, frequent or recurring infections, cuts and bruises that are slow to heal, tingling or numbness in the hands or feet, or trouble getting or maintaining an erection.
  • Well … None of the above. Though some of the symptoms could also be from Covid or winter. It’s true, I do have trouble getting an erection, but that’s caused by something other than imminent diabetes. 
Not sure how to fix things, except take another test in awhile and hope things look better.
When I heard about the film Everything Everywhere All at Once, I thought it sounded goofy and not for me. But there’s been so much ballyhoo, including a ton of Oscar nominations, I decided to see it. Well – may I announce the minority position? It’s goofy, not for me, and not that good. Yes, extremely imaginative, crazy, over the top. Offensively over the top, I thought, including butt plugs that give superpowers – I imagine the two director writers stoned and giggling as they came up with that one. 
I have no idea what it was about except an overloaded immigrant mother raised by a critical father who’s too critical with her own daughter, who learns to value herself, to relax, see, and love. An important topic that could have been conveyed without a million speedy special effects and a ton of kung fu fights, endless fights, again, many stoned giggles as they planned. Sophomoric – which means pretentious and juvenile. Ingenious, with marvellous performances from a skilled, courageous Asian cast, wasted on an absurd plot, including a religion that worships bagels. Or something. Let me know please what I don’t get. Maybe I’m just too old. 
Incidentally, when I told Anna about pre-diabetes, she said, “Well Mum, you’re 75, that’s just what happens as you age.” Imagine, my own daughter! 
“I’m not 75, I’m only 72!” I shrieked. “And these things do not just happen to me!”
And finally, I followed the recommendation of a friend who had a haircut at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, which trains hairdressers. I knew it would take three hours, so was prepared with editing work, books, and sandwich. Hoped it would be worth it because it cost $27. Well – you get what you pay for. It’s the worst haircut I’ve ever had. Luckily, I don’t care what I look like. Much. It’ll grow.
And an op-ed essay I sent to the Star about the idiot politicians in this city and province has been rejected. At least, the editor simply did not respond, as he hasn’t several times before. Phooey. But perhaps what I wrote is summarized by this person, on Twitter, about violence on the TTC: The TTC isn’t the problem. housing is the problem. public washrooms are the problem. lack of mental health supports is the problem. funding the police is the problem. John Tory is the problem.
But — big snowfall yesterday, and I got to sit by the fire. So, lucky. Still coughing, but mostly better. 
Just got a library book I’d ordered: Stolen Focus: Why you can’t pay attention and how to think deeply again, by Johann Hari. Heard a terrific interview with him and had to get the book. Maybe my thinking will deepen. Maybe with deeper thinking I’ll understand the movie. Stay tuned. 
PS Had a SECOND small glass with dinner. The Evil Knievel of drinkers. Actually, that flirting with danger turned out to be true. I defrosted a small pot of my pesto from the freezer to have with pasta and fish, but as I ate, I felt something hard. And then something else. I found a tiny screw, and then a second, and then a small nail, about ten in all. I remembered that a small, very old picture frame came apart years ago; I must have stored the hardware from it in the jar and then filled it, somehow, much later, with pesto.
I think I swallowed at least one. If this is my last day on earth, at least I had a very nice pinot to go out on. 



8 Responses to “Everything Everywhere — no, not so much”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is such a good post, Beth–full of rich quotidian detail, right down to the hardware in your pesto.

  2. beth says:

    "The hardware in your pesto" – laughing out loud. Thank you, Theresa. I am hoping someone will enlighten me about the film. Welcome home! I loved reading about your stay in the sun, written with your usual poetic resonance and eye for detail.

  3. High cholesterol, limiting wine, unexpected Oscar nominees, and lack of focus – so much resonates for me with this post! I always love rambling, stream of consciousness posts. Thank you. Helen

  4. I almost choked on my coffee (not wine, but that will come later) reading about the nails in your pesto! Glad you had the pinot to wash it down.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everyone else, B-b. The erection (or lack of same); the Burt plugs; the nails in the pesto, washed down by wine: you’ve made me laugh aloud.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Burt plugs????

  7. Anonymous says:

    You are absolutely right about Everything. Was charmed by it the first time I saw it. Saw it again weeks later and all the flaws you cite were there for me to see. But you saw them first! Also… your defence of JK Rowling was brilliant! SC

  8. beth says:

    Wonderful comments from you all, thank you! I don't always know who you are since almost everyone is Anonymous these days – who knows why? But I'm glad you're all laughing at the screws in my belly.

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