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Oscars, the tooth fairy, Betty White

I’ll take a day like today – cold with bright hot sun – over mild but grey and wet, any time. I’m a plant. I needs me some sun. So much going on. Yes, I

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reporting back

By the way, if you’d like me to send you the PDF of “Correspondence,” please email me. This is one of my most important stories.  A gloomy wet day but mild. All is good

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“Correspondence” in Queen’s Quarterly

A huge treat yesterday: the latest Queen’s Quarterly arrived, with my article “Correspondence.” It’s a gorgeous magazine on silky paper, beautifully laid out and illustrated, with stellar writing. Very proud to be included. They sent

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Submisson, in both senses of the word

Isabel just wrote, No blog for a few days, are you all right? Not much to say, I wrote back. But that’s never stopped me before. Surreal days, we Canadians living our tranquil lives while

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nearly spring

What a day – 17 degrees! We all poured out into the sun. It’ll get cold again, but we felt the dawn of hope. I actually did some pruning of the winter kill and saw

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V. Zelensky speaks to Canadians

A profoundly moving moment in Canadian history: Zelensky addresses our parliament, followed by a very long unanimous bipartisan standing ovation and moving speeches from every party leader, even the leader of the Senate, whoever he

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Thanks to those of you who’ve expressed concern. I’m better today than yesterday, which was better than Friday. No idea what this is; something’s wrong, but it’s not causing pain like it did. I hope

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return of the appendix?

A note to my faithful readers and friends: if this blog disappears for a bit, it may be because a former health crisis has returned. For the last few days, I’ve had pain in my

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no, cancel that

A quick word to say – no, the essay book manuscript is NOT done. And I’d sent it out, too, before re-reading and realizing there was a big problem. I had to write and say

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