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joy in the mail

Got a letter yesterday from my two favourite young men, now in Nova Scotia. They like their cottage, have visited Pictou and Truro, been bowling and swimming, and Eli has driven Ryan’s lawnmower. It’s signed, “Sincerely Elijah.”

Be still my beating heart.

I sent a reply immediately, with a $20 bill attached for them to buy themselves and their friends ice cream. Their Glamma is associated with ice cream and is keen for that to continue.

Also, happy to report that I feel I’ve regained the energy I lost in March, with the first appendix attack. Hadn’t realized quite how debilitated I was until I felt the strength returning. I’ve lost some muscle but will I hope get it back. Did have a shock, however; on Wednesday night I was getting dressed to go as a guest to a book club meeting when I found out a lot of my winter pants don’t fit. I’ve been wearing yoga pants for 18 months and didn’t know that though I haven’t gained weight, the weight I do have is all clinging to my waist. 

The book club was fabulous. The hostess had made the evening French-themed in accordance with the book, her beautiful table loaded with boeuf bourguignon, great cheeses and bread, and a lemon tart for dessert, with Chablis! They had great questions about the memoir, about Vanier and L’Arche, atheism, Catholicism, and spirituality, discussion about being a young woman at that time, feminism, life choices … we could have talked forever. And on such a cold, dark, rainy night too – I left warmed to the core. 

Sent out another essay, got a No two days later – it’s nice that lit mags are turning me down so quickly! Onward. 

Here’s the story of my life, except I know nothing about bootleg recordings. But otherwise …  



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