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If it’s Wednesday, this must be Montpellier. Off in a few minutes to the train station, to get a train to Toulouse where I’ll switch to a train to Bayonne. I have a large lunch packed – you guessed it, ham sandwich, much fruit and much dark Lindt chocolate. Lindt has been one of the great discoveries of this trip – when you have no dessert for your guests, open some Lindt. I also have a P.D. James, a Kate Atkinson and a Nick Hornby. Fun reading guaranteed. Otherwise, you’ll be happy to hear, I am bringing only a very small bag.

As predicted, solitude was much relished yesterday – I walked a lot around the town, including, I confess, popping into Galeries Lafayette and other stores to see what they’re starting to serve for fall. (FYI: So far, the colours are grey and purple, lots of different layers, tuxedo or very short jackets and vests, cardigans, and as always, utterly absurd shoes.) Downtown Montpellier is a maze of tiny, rambling pedestrian streets, and around every corner, there’s another tiny square with its own café or two under the plane trees – utterly charming.
Then I went to see the new Woody Allen, “Whatever Works,” as much a fantasy as the Harry Potter I saw yesterday. I’m so impatient with Woody’s faithful belief that gorgeous young women will fall in love with nasty, misanthropic, elderly depressives because they’re smart and funny, I almost walked out of the movie theatre. Honestly, give me a break. However – I stayed and the film got better and better. Again, his fantasy that if the red states only moved to New York they’d discover their inner freedom … if only. But in the end, the film is highly enjoyable, if only, like Harry Potter, for the parade of great actors having the time of their lives.
And then I sat in my outdoor café again, had a beer, watched the crowds and read the London Review of Books. There is absolutely no discomfort here for a single woman to have a drink alone and sit for as long as she wants. I must find a place in Toronto to do this – it satisfied my need for company, and then I went happily back to the flat and sat in the glorious silence.
Bruce sent me some great articles about productivity and creativity which I will summarise for you when I return from my travels. Very inspiring. There was a beautiful obituary for Sarah Torchinsky in the Globe yesterday.
This is the last jaunt into the unknown on this trip. Wish you were here.



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