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London Sunday

A quiet Sunday morning, yours truly a bit better, definitely, though shaky.  I’ve just been out to look for the Sunday papers, which I couldn’t find – no news-stand in the tube stop, no newspaper

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a quiet day in beautiful downtown London

This, my friends, is the definition of surreal for me: it’s a gorgeous sunny day in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and yours truly is doing nothing. Or nearly nothing. As

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this green and pleasant land

Just watched a beautiful pink sky fade behind a narrow church steeple outside my hotel window. Birds are twittering. There’s a lovely garden below. The city seems very far away. This is what I need

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last day in Paris

I decided in the night that what I have is a little case of walking pneumonia. Maybe, maybe not. In any case, whatever it is is still there, although the melatonin product I bought yesterday

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old friends

A quick word before I lie down – just came back from the friendly local pharmacy where I bought expectorant cough pills, throat lozenges, and a sleep aid, at a cost of 24 euros –

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ma nouvelle famille

It poured twice today, and both times I was inside. It was cold and windy, but I was dry. Hooray! Today was about family — meeting my British fourth cousin Lesley and her husband Duncan

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human again

First, the best news: a friend just wrote that her bookstore finally had Midlife Solo for her, and it’s also on Amazon. My beloved book is more widely available for sale! Made my day. Okay,

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down and out in Paris

No new photos today, no nothing. I have been lying on the sofa under a blanket in our airbnb all day. I’m in Paris, and I’m sick with what feels like flu. It’s infuriating! We

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a summer day in Paris

My last morning in Amsterdam, I was hoping to walk around the old city on the way to the train station, but it was raining, so, after a restless night, I had a quiet morning

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