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Zoom wrestling

It was a glorious day, the best yet, though tomorrow rain and it may yet snow again, who knows? But recently we’ve had some gorgeous weather.

Covid controversy continues: A friend told me I shouldn’t socialize even outside six feet apart with my own glass because the dreaded droplets could be carried by the wind. Ye gods, truly, it’s a horror movie with an invisible monster lurking everywhere.

Today, spent hour after frustrating hour getting up to speed on Zoom Pro, which I bought yesterday. Sent a friend a meeting request but it didn’t work. Wrestled with the app, getting more tense by the minute, because technology hates me and wants to drive me mad, like the horses I rode the one summer I went to camp who knew how afraid of them I was and would refuse to move. I even took a half hour webinar, along with, the perky teacher told us, 700 other people.

If only we’d all bought shares in Zoom 3 weeks ago!

Finally, with Matt’s help and that of my tenant Robin, it’s figured out. We are going to Zoom the home class next Thursday. And if that works, I hope to get more teaching, coaching, and editing work via Zoom. And during a long talk with writer friend Isabel Huggan today, she suggested that, since isolated millions have started to keep journals and write stories, now would be a good time to try to get my cheerful, concise writing textbook into their hands. How to do that? Marketing, my great great skill. LOL.

The New Rituals: Did Gina’s line dancing class, which has gone from 18 participants to 3. Went for a 10-minute jogette, slower than ever; ran into director Ron Singer and his wife Yvonne, who live nearby. Have known Ron since he adjudicated a play I was in in 1969. He cast me in my second professional acting job in 1970. It’s amazing to run into your past as you wander the ‘hood. For him, perhaps, also.

Had aperitif with Monique. This is her view, poor soul. Please don’t look at the arm flap.

Last night, made a gratin of leeks, broccoli, and spinach in a very rich cheese sauce – comfort food of the best sort. Covid casserole!

Then an excellent Ken Burns/PBS documentary on genes. My dad the geneticist told me that in 1953 he read an article by Watson and Crick about their discovery of the double helix, but he had no idea how important that discovery was. The show pointed out the dangers of genetic engineering, but also that they’re coming up with cures for terrible genetic diseases because of gene research.

Improving the mind, Covid style.

Somewhere, I have to admit – I hesitate to even say this in light of so much appalling suffering world wide – but I do not mind this new life in my silent house. There’s pleasure in the fact that I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, that the day stretches out filled with silent possibility and no expectation. Though I’m embarrassed to say so, from my perch of privilege and comfort and luck.



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