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“Hyperfocus” on Hallowe’en.

It’s Hallowe’en. I used to put on other people’s clothes for a living, so there’s not much fun in it for me and others of my kind. Plus we get 800 or more kids here

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Love will win

A dark, wet, cold day. A woman said as we were leaving the funeral event this afternoon, “The sky is weeping too.” So, another shooting, another lunatic, another savage, horrendous waste of human life, this

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her bloody eye

I tell people it’s part of an early Hallowe’en costume, but of course it’s not – my left eye is neon red, floating in blood, ghastly, vampirish. It exploded Monday night. I’ve had this before

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Go Kristyn Wong Tam and Keesmat!

Election day in Toronto – go Kristyn! Go Jennifer Keesmat! I know John Tory will be re-elected mayor, but I hope he gets the message that Toronto deserves far better than his cautious, please-everybody, let’s-not-rock-the-boat

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So True Sunday, 2 p.m.

It’s going to be a great one! And I’m working on my own story right now. If you’re in town, hope to see you there.

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Rebecca Belmore and Anthropocene at the AGO

I have just rediscovered how blessedly kind and thoughtful my friends are. Emails have been flowing in with condolences and words of wisdom, several saying they felt they’d met Auntie Do because she appeared so

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RIP Doro and Sylv

At the launch of my first book in 2006: the Leadbeater sisters, Dorothy Marion and Sylvia Mary. Do was there when Mum was born, a huge baby – “She looked like a big beautiful doll!”

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Dorothy Marion Arevian, 1920-2018

A great blessing: my aunt drew her last breath last night at 9 p.m. with both my brother Michael and her dear friend May by her side. The last hours were peaceful; her face was

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the eternal sunshine of Paul McCartney

There’s a bit of sun, outside and in my heart: my piano teacher just sent me this, a beautiful article in the Atlantic about the joy Macca’s music has brought us all for decades. Thank

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