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A satisfied customer writes in the “Globe”

Gloom and drizzle here on Anna Maria Island – and there’s hot sun in Toronto! GRRRR. Oh well – it’s still sublime, even at only 60 degrees, which is bone-chilling for Floridians; I am wearing sandals, and it’s silent. So quiet, except for my mother’s exceptionally noisy fridge. I went to Publix for my annual excursion into the heart of America, and marvelled, as I always do, how little actual food can actually be found in that vast supermarket.

A new cereal from Kellogg – in Chocolate and Double Chocolate. Love the subtle nomenclature.

Exciting news from home – today’s Facts and Arguments in the “Globe” is by a student from last term at Ryerson, and it’s about my course. Thank you, Nancy – I’m glad it meant so much to you. Registration is now open, folks, for “True to Life” at Ryerson, and for “Life Stories” at U of T. Come one come all.

Read this on The Globe and Mail.

Last night – the return of the delicious Downton Abbey. 84 characters and 196 plotlines and lots of class.  Imagine, the concern about white tie versus black tie. Will poor Edith find happiness? Will the mysterious millions from India solve all their problems? Will Maggie Smith ever be able to replicate the most perfect double take ever, when she awakens from a little snooze to find Shirley Maclaine crooning at her? I laughed out loud. Lovely stuff.

Tonight’s treat – Jon Stewart returns. Be still my beating heart. I can watch Rachel Maddow too. Much pleasure, even if there is not a glimpse, not one tiny glimmer in the cool grey fog outside the window, of sun.



6 Responses to “A satisfied customer writes in the “Globe””

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi Beth- I also noticed it in the Globe and Mail and thought "it must be referring to Beth Kaplan and her writing workshops", although your last name was not mentionned! There was something about the supportive, encouraging aura, gently nudging people into further growth as writers and human beings. Martine

  2. beth says:

    Thank you, Martine. It was wonderful to read Nancy's essay. I'm glad the class works for students.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beth, you are too modest! At every class you inspire all of your students.

  4. beth says:

    Not all my students. In the first class at Ryerson last term, a nice young man was there for the first half, but by the second, after our break, he had fled. Poor guy. But yes, it's my job to encourage writers to grow. So i do my best.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth, I was just wrapping up the Christmas stuff and set aside a piece of wrapping that caught my eye..Rewriting my Life. I am always looking for ideas so, as I had missed this yesterday, I set it aside and carried on with the TLC of my Christmas treasures. Later I almost used the paper to wrap another trinket when yet another bit caught my eye…“Every week our teacher ,Beth,…` , well who else could it be but you. I was so delighted to read about you in the article and fondly revisit the sentiments I share. You have made great changes in many lives I am certain and I want to thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. It`s not just your job but your gift. I`ll be in touch again soon.


  6. beth says:

    Mary, thanks for getting in touch. It's my great good fortune to have found something I both enjoy and seem to be good at. As I tell my kids, if you do something you love, it doesn't feel like work. And teaching writing, for me, never does.
    I've had several Mary's in class, but if you're the one I'm thinking of – I still love my mug.

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