My new book “Midlife Solo” is now available.

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Midlife Solo audiobook out now

Good news! The audiobook is out, my dulcet tones reading some of my most important stories. Thrillsies! as I used to say. Banner by Patrick.

Yesterday, beautiful, hot; today, dark and wet, and so much happening outside — our annual local Forsthia Festival; the Toronto Marathon that speeds by near here; and, Anna tells me, a Kites for Gaza festival on Don Valley East, more peaceful than encampments. But all will be wet.

Wednesday, to the Art Gallery to see an exhibition of art by women and then to dinner in the bistro there, celebrating Toronto Lynn’s birthday. The exhibit is wonderful and exhaustive, proving categorically that women artists were for centuries unjustly sidelined and marginalized. Here’s one example of painstaking handiwork:

The intricacy! Made in England in 1707 by Anna Maria Garthwaite, knife-cut cut-paperwork with pinpricking and collage.

On Thursday my gardening helper Jannette arrived to prune — unlike yours truly, she’s a skilled, meticulous pruner — and to see what’s working and what’s not. Almost overnight the garden sprang from brown to green — the viburnum wafting sweet scent — and the squirrels have even left a few tulips, though not many. We found a big hole, evidence of rat, and of course we have raccoons, skunks, and opossums. I confess, though, I barely have energy for the garden right now, with everything else piled up, leaving me, as usual, overwhelmed.

On Friday, my beloved daughter’s 43rd birthday; I brought two cakes for the party, where there was a ton of food, this time prepared not by Anna, for once, but by her best friend Holly. The boys were with Matt, so it was strangely quiet.

And yesterday, a housewarming party clear across town, thrown by my writer friend Kirsten, a barbecue in the garden on a lovely evening with lots of interesting people, including a young woman who researches and imports organic French wines — now there’s a great job — and the Italian/French/Canadian woman who designed Kirsten’s kitchen, and her French husband. When people at events like this hear what I do, they often tell me how they’ve always wanted to write but haven’t had time or nerve. Start, I say. No time like now. Pick up a pen and start.

Speaking of which – tomorrow I give a talk to a bunch of seniors about memoir, and Tuesday evening am in a U of T classroom for the first time since March 2020. Wearing a bra and respectable pants and shoes. Sheesh.

Everywhere, apocalyptic talk about how dire the situation is in the world right now. But it’s hard to be too gloomy, even on a gloomy day, when it’s spring and smells of new life.



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