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Seinfeld and my two Beatles

Gorgeous record-breaking weather, heaven – sun, mild winds, snow almost gone – it’s beautiful out there, not like Toronto in February at all. This may be – undoubtedly is – global warming, but it’s hard to complain. We needed this. Especially my dear daughter needed this on a long weekend with her two boys – she can just push them outside, without a giant bundle of clothing. They were over yesterday for a visit, and I was reminded, again, how much energy they take. I’m recovering still, quite feeble with sore lungs, and wasn’t my perky Glamma self. But it was joy to see them, even as they destroyed my house. We went to the nearby playground and sat in the sun for an hour while they bounced.

The night before, Seinfeld with my tall son. Many laughs – the man is very skilled at his job. A bit of it was fairly ordinary comic riffing – on doughnut holes, for example – but some was genuinely brilliant existential stuff – one long bit about how human beings are never satisfied, always wanting to be somewhere else, how we’d all ended up in the audience and how quickly we’d want to leave. He was funny and dark about his 17-year marriage, but, as Sam said, “He’s a New Yorker, Jewish and a comedian, of course he’s dark about marriage.” “I married at 45, married late. I had issues. They were great issues. I enjoyed my issues.”
“You unmarried guys are just playing Whiffleball,” he said. “I’m in Afghanistan with serious weapons.”

Afterward I quickly took a cab home, just as Seinfeld had predicted, but my son met all the friends he’d connected with on his phone who were there too, and they went to C’est What and had a grand night of it, playing Whiffleball. As they so often do.

This week the English conversation group I’m hoping to get going at the CRC in Regent Park starts, and on Sunday, it’s our tenth So True. On Thursday, a Beatles event at the Arts and Letters Club, and on Saturday morning, I’m seeing Paw Patrol Live with Eli. Paw Patrol Live! My thrilling life resumes. In the meantime, my friend Stella, who is my writer’s group, came over last night, and we read each other pages of work. I was nearly ready to give up – MY BEGINNING IS STILL NOT WORKING. But it will. But it will. But it will. Sigh.

Sheer joy: apparently yesterday, Ringo was recording and asked Paul to come play drums on one track, and then Paul offered to sing harmony on another. Oh my beloved boys.



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