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More Paris, with umbrellas

Pictures: The magnificent Arc de Triomphe.

The magnificent Grand Palais (they’re cleaning and fixing up everything in Paris prior to the Olympics) and the Petit Palais. A new definition of ‘petit’.

A nice bum on the way to the Louvre, with a crow on his head

The humble little Louvre, and a view of the Louvre behind a bouquiniste on the Seine. So little changes in Paris. My father took me to visit the bouquinistes in 1965, when I was 14. I bought a used Penguin Jane Eyre. Good for you, girl.

The umbrella store, a throwback to another time, and Madame Simon with her assistant. She told me there are only five umbrella specialists left in all Europe. If you need an umbrella – and who doesn’t? – this is the place.

It’s pouring. Tomorrow, Amsterdam. Rain predicted. C’est la vie. 



5 Responses to “More Paris, with umbrellas”

  1. Mita Patel says:

    Beautiful photos Beth! Have a great trip!

  2. Bonjour Beth,

    Your enthusiasm for my adopted city is contagious. I’ll make a point of going to the Rothko exhibition this weekend.

    Will you visit the new Amsterdam Holocaust museum? It just opened, less than a month ago.

  3. Beth Kaplan says:

    Mita, thank you for your good wishes. Juliet, the Rothko is over; I was there on the last day. But yes, I love your city – easy for me to say as I don’t live there. No, I will not visit the Holocaust museum. I never see Holocaust movies or read books about it; I know enough to fill my soul with sorrow and horror, don’t need more. I did just check to see about tickets to the Anne Frank house that I visited in 1979, but it’s sold out till mid-May. I am going to the Rijksmuseum to visit my beloved Vermeer.

  4. Trevor says:

    Hi Beth
    Enjoying your travelogue, thanks. I know Amsterdam better than Paris – take a walk in Vondel Park, low key, recommended -also the COBRA museum in Amstelveen +++

  5. Beth Kaplan says:

    Visited the park today, Trevor. Beautiful! Thanks for the recommendation.

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