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The Hare with Amber Eyes

What I bought second-hand today: nothing. I found a beautiful man’s shirt from the exclusive London shop Pink of Jermyn Street, priced at $7, but I did not buy it, to hang in my basement

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What I bought second-hand today

I’m trying this – the idea given to me by my hostess Liz at the book club last week, to keep a separate blog dedicated to my second-hand purchases. It sounded like fun – a

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shameless hucksterism, Part 2

The U of T summer writing school is an intense week at the beginning of July, covering many aspects of the writing process. I’ll be teaching Life Stories. Check it out on this website under

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two WRITE IN THE GARDEN workshops, summer 2011

WRITE IN THE GARDEN: A one-day writing adventure. Inspiration, structure and support for those with lots of writing experience and for those with none. Spend a summer day learning to trust your voice and tell

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the Writer’s Union

Here’s a brief report from the panels I attended today at Writer’s Union of Canada AGM – which, this year, is located ten minutes from my home and just across the street from the Y

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@#$# go away, come again next year

All Toronto stands and shakes its communal fist at the heavens. “Will this rain never end?” they cry. But then we read in the paper about tornadoes and other natural disasters, and a bit of

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wandering in spring

My lovely ladies. An Ottawa scene – a goose family and tulips The cutest nephew in the world My front yard My back yard

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catching up

I got back from Ottawa late Monday night, happy to have spent time with my family and especially to have helped Mum into a kind of organization, but sad because Mum and Do are old

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We are famileee

I am at my mother’s in Ottawa, trying to be useful and helpful without being overpowering. I want to set up some kind of organization for her papers which are piled hither and yon on

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weighing in on DSK – Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Just back from my neighbour Monique’s regular Francophone salon, where an eclectic group gathers on Friday night to drink wine and converse about interesting things in French. Tonight we talked about the arrest of Dominique

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