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another day older in Paradise

Whale watching – or as we call it, said the pilot, sea watching. That’s what I did this morning – watch the sea. I went on a 3-hour whale watching trip on the west coast of the island, setting out at 9.30. Five minutes into our journey, there was a tall humpback whale spout, then a broad black back, a magnificent tail out of the water and then splashing under. Absolutely thrilling – tears in my eyes.

And that was it. Later we saw dolphins leaping near the boat, and the pilot caught a small tuna which did not make me happy, I moved away to avoid looking at that – and later we saw a spout in the distance and went toward it. But the whales were shy today. I was very happy to be on the boat in the sun and to leave the whales alone, to tell you the truth. Though I had a pretty queasy stomach by the time we got back. I’m not a great sailor.

Nick the guide

This is what Captain Cook saw in the 1780’s when he first approached this beautiful island. This west coast is where he landed. I wonder why he ever left.

The group was very jolly, all Americans, and there was much chatter. I sat at the back to settle my stomach and also to listen to the waves and the wind. Glad I went, even though we didn’t see much.

Penny went for a hike in the meantime, picked me up at 12.30 and we went back to Hanapepe and Koloa, our favourite town, for groceries and a wander, marvelling at what people will try to sell to tourists – a man selling very expensive huge crystal singing bowls, beautiful, but who wants to put a huge singing bowl in a suitcase? Here are some of the orchids on offer at the small grocery store:

And here is one of the proud denizens of this fine island, one of hundreds with magnificent plumage strutting about:

We found nearby Poipu beach and suffered through a sit in the sun and some swimming:

My stomach is still queasy but we’re going to go across the road for a bite to eat and to watch the sunset. Last night we went out at 9 to find a dark spot to stargaze. Fresh fruit, the sun, the water – who needs whales?



4 Responses to “another day older in Paradise”

  1. Captain Cook didn't actually leave under his own power.

  2. You and your pilot must have super powers!! From Hawaii, the closest sea for you to see is the South China Sea—but I could be wrong because I have not done careful calculations. On the other hand, you are surrounded by OCEAN. The Pacific is an ocean and not a sea, my dear Ms Kaplan. Tell your pilot.

  3. beth says:

    Picky picky. Lots of water.

  4. beth says:

    I must check my history books – I sense a story.

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