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skiing without clothing

Suddenly I’m warmer. Not because it actually IS warmer – though it is, a tiny bit, only minus four, minus twelve with the wind chill, practically spring, as my friend Ann said this morning. No,

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puppies and Pete

Here’s one of the famous Superbowl commercials, released early. It’s the epitome of saccharine anthropomorphism. And yet … can’t beat puppies and big horsies. More from my hero: “Once upon a time, wasn’t singing

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favourite men

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but didn’t make it: Paul at the Grammys with Ringo and his band. Paul won 4 Grammys including Best Rock Record, the one he made in just a

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our beloved Pete Seeger

I call it the mark of a life well lived when strangers burst into tears at word of your demise: Pete Seeger, dead at 94. A profoundly courageous, decent, honourable man who cared about the

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“London Road” a must see

Even as the snow falls outside, I sit here in the kitchen beside my skinny cat with her club foot, and I think, This past 24 hours – well, it doesn’t get better – family,

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Bitter bitter cold out there – a cold that pierces the lungs, a wind that knifes through clothing, no matter how thick – except my vintage mink coat, what a godsend. We haven’t had a

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remembering “Catcher in the Rye”

Today, the little bit of my face not covered with scarf and hat actually ached. So let’s just say it’s cold, and leave it at that. I went to CBC this afternoon to tape my

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how to stop procrastinating

Here’s a wonderful article, sent by student Joanne, about how to get on with your writing work. Funny and true, even if your hips work. It’s freezing here and about to get colder. Yesterday,

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Harper goes home

This is hilarious and brilliant. And now I promise, I’ll stop with the Harper in Israel jokes. Though I leap up to turn off the radio when the news comes on. The story makes me

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