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Election relief, and the beauty of Monet

Yes, this too-early election was a waste of time and money. However, it might have gone differently had the French debate not provoked the Quebec electorate to rally to the Bloc in such numbers; Justin might have had his majority otherwise. But now, here we are again. My daughter is waiting anxiously to hear the final tally in her riding, because the mail-in ballots are still being counted and the race is close – but it looks like the Lib is going to best her dear NDP friend Paul Taylor yet again. 

The whole thing was a great relief, however — O’Toole, floundering from right to near centre and back right again, was vanquished. Though I don’t know how you can possibly govern this country; look at the electoral map — the prairies almost entirely Tory blue, Ontario almost entirely Lib red, Quebec half Lib and half Bloc, the Maritimes and BC mixed, swaths of NDP in northern ridings especially. We are not as schizo as the Americans, but still, we are a divided country. And the CPP leering on the fringes, wanting in. 

I hope the Libs take this denial of a majority as a lesson; they grow arrogant so easily, over and over, and forget who voted for them and why. 

On the other hand, great beauty today: I went with Annie and Terry to see the Monet Immersive show at the Convention Centre. I didn’t like the Van Gogh show like this much and so was dubious about this one, but it was moving and spectacular, with many quotes from Monet and a huge number of his paintings splashed across wide walls, as we all sat in the middle taking it in. What a force of nature he was, what a struggle he had to be accepted as the first impressionist; there were quotes from his vicious early critics. 

One quote from him: If I became a painter, I think it’s because of flowers. And another: I am not a great painter. I am not a great poet. I only do what I can to make sense of what I experience in nature.

So humble! I visited his home and garden in Giverny with Bruce — unforgettable, even in April, a banquet of beauty. As is his work. I just went back through my photos, thinking it was only a few years ago we were there. It was ten years ago, in early April 2011. I thought, as I watched today, if we can live as good a life as possible and leave something of lasting beauty behind, we have done well. M. Monet, you did very, very well, and we thank you. (click to enlarge)



2 Responses to “Election relief, and the beauty of Monet”

  1. Theresa says:

    I've never been to Giverny, Beth. Thanks for the photographs. I really enjoyed Eva Figes's novella about him. Was it called Light? (It's downstairs…)

  2. beth says:

    I don't know the book, Theresa, will keep my eyes open for it. But yes, I do consider the trip to Giverny to be a highlight of my travels. Of course, it's a marvel what you can do with an army of gardeners …

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